Friday, August 25, 2006

"Mighty Big Dancer"

OK - here's a woodcut finally! She is cut Illustration board, and the curtain is velvet - the little fat guy is cut board as well- This "lil" Lady was one of my first experiments using both wood & paper- very fun to do.... and yes sireeee.. she'll be in the book!

NEW NEWS! my sister and I both recently were asked to join the Level 5 group of artists - and are currently working on toys, and special art projects - hurray! so I'll keep ya'll posted about all the nutty stuffs that going on!

Arts Show Saturday- Just a reminder, that my sis, Rick and I with have peices in the cannibal flower 6th anniversary art show this Sat. night in Downtown (see side links) - so come on out to see all the art farts - fart on art, paint themselves, walk around & drink too much... ha ha ha, It's always a goodtime-

- Thanks fer stoppin' by and hope ya'll are well!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

'Bizarro Super Heros'

Best Wishes to our friends... Dave and Paloma - This photo was taken at their movin' away party - where everyone came as silly-ass super people... very fun! Good luck with all yer art doin's up North guys! -mm

Friday, August 11, 2006

'Comic-Con 2006!'

Hi Folks!... Thanks for such a great convention! -so sorry for the lack of posts, bad me. Here's some photos.. one of our booth filled to the brim with art, a thank you note head, Miss Brandy- hangin' with a Gnome in this years tee-shirt... A BIG FAT YAY! and of course, Le Blurry Sisters avec Art-ius American-us...
As for Art Shows: we will be in this months Cannibal Flower,
and in a show at The Hear Gallery next month....
Thanks again to all our friends, collectors and new contacts... we're lookin' forward to doing some cool stuff this year!