Wednesday, February 08, 2012

CIRCUS:FOLKE video up!

CJ Metzger, Miss Mindy, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters n' Aubrie!
Opening Night.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Stranger Danger!

Oh Dear! - What's in my tea?

Wanna see the weirdness? Welp, Go to....

to see mine and big sis's latest works-
opens THIS FRIDAY in Albuquerque New Mexico!

What? you don't have a private jet? I have a broom stick- he he he
You can hitch a ride with me or Southwest. same thing.

You can totally see this fun filled show online too.
(Click here to sign up for preview list)
or click on their website on Friday!

I'll be tweetin' and facebookin' when the site 'go's live' for out of state collectors-
Stay Tuned
& Go to The Stranger Factory Site for more info Kiddos!



sneek peek!
'Little Miss Mushroom Circus'
handmade art doll / sculpture by Miss Mindy

Attack of the teenie weenies.

Here I am all sleepy and ratty lookin', but happy to be painting the face at last
after a month of hand crafting the new form.

before the paint...

detailing the wee lass...

Radio's bored and wants to play.

'Osentato' The Italian Circus horsie -in progress....

..... and Hand sculpted lil' Uni.. one of my favorite newbies.
Here's a peek of 'The Gilded Parakeet' a new sculpt of mine... and an early shot below...Pink clay looks creepy.

The ELF RESIN series will be on display, I'm hardly doing any of these, so git 'em while they last!

sanded n' scrubbed, drilled and ready to be glued n' painted.

I spy a space hippie motivational poster in the mix!

And of Course! I have some special new Inkies I did for the show..
here's a couple details.... go to The Stranger Factory to see full frontals! what?

Each work of art comes with it's own certificate of authenticity too.. wooo!
such an official little munchkin hmm?

 Making my new 'Miss Mindy Art Doll' form was my most challenging to date!
Here's a tid bit of the process......

mold making... ahhh! -old school....


 You can see the sketch here on the left, and Ahab's Shipyard spinnin' the bell shape for me. Wow.
That was such a cool site to see. Shavings are fun to throw around I've found.
cleaning them up isn't.



I'm so happy to show you these sneek peeks of my latest works.
 Hit up The Stranger Factory Quick- as it's first come first served for Art!
and tell Brandt and Kathie, Miss Mindy sent cha...
Thanks again to all my collectors, friends & family
I appreciate all of ya'll.. - MM