Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year -2011!

Mr Gnome says:
(say with an Irish accent)

Here's to a greater year
have no fear - my little dear,
the bastards that be-

that try to whip thee-
will fall on their arses and pee!"


he said it.
He lives here.

These people are my family! I love them.--- and we got caught in the snow!
--ahh Yosemite...
Nice to get away from the city folks for awhile. I like people that smile and drink stiff booze in the winter.
Pops - Mama - Pete -lil Sophie - CJ - Ricky Dee & me...

Yosemite falls is amazing..even in ponchos!

And beginning again. At different times of the year, I always feel like I'm starting again. When new art needs to be done- to reinvent myself, and remember all the wonderful Christmastime stoof that inspired me two weeks ago when I was traveling North.
At New years time- it seems like we all go through it.
Good luck to your New years Brains...don't take down your decorations too early-- it makes you cranky & sad! ---

I'm starting up some woodcut paintings this week- & I haven't done that kind for awhile. I'll be posting my progress, some how to's -and also'ill be teaching some workshops---- Here's to the process, creation - and not fearing the unknown! :)
Here's a snip-it of me 'oliday....