Thursday, April 20, 2006

Catalog Party!

Hi Everyone! ready to celebrate with Ice Cream?? welp, Friday April 28th from 7-9pm, there will be a big To Do at Zanzabelle's in Silverlake! Why?? well... The 2006 Catalog is comin' out, and boy are we excited! Some of the artwork I did for the Catalog will be there... so you can make a fire, ha ha, it's all made outta wood and paper. So please see baby tattoo's new blog for the address.... it's in my Links section!

Zanzabelle's is one the coolest places in LA that i've gone to in awhile, It's like an old Sweets shoppe from back in the day.. filled with Candy in vintage boxes, cool toys - old and new... and Books! Some re-released vintage books, baby tattoo's books, crazy cards... and of course - Ice Cream! There is also a huge Giraffe in the front yard - geees... sound like fun? - welp, I hope to see ya'll there...I think some of us are gonna hang out after... and if anbody knows of anything going on, Please let me know! -see ya later alligators..

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hey Everybody! This is "Bird Brain." all done and ready to go for fyns benefit... very fun to do indeed - & did a little mixed media, cut paper and wood this time. I basically chop up everything I can find and hold it together with my boogers! ha ha ha... mmmm.. ahhh....Miss Mindy Brand, the art you can eat! ok now I'm just getting gross. I better quit while I'm ahead. (was i ever ahead? my imaginary friend says I should be quiet, and go brush my teeth...)


This 'Robot Lady,'
is for fyn! - I haven't
cut her out yet... but
thought I'd post 'er
anyway! Everbody
is making some neat-0 stuff
to help this little boy and
his family out,
please see the link on the left
side of this screen for an
invite to the Art show/Auction,
and how to help!
Hope to see you...

Friday, April 07, 2006

TaDa! the Catalog is finished... and will be going to the presses soon - Hurray!
Man, I learned so much doin' this thing... little tricks, some with paper,
some with wood -
and experimenting with lighting. Soooo what I hear from the publisher is that there is going to be a Catalog release party... so I'll let the word out as soon as I know what the hell's going on!

also, a quick note about my blog: I'm so sorry everyone! I lost many of my links when I transfered over to this fancy new one- I am putting them back so please don't throw eggs at me on the street anymore... he he

Thanks for peekin'!