Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloweenie Kiddos!

 love Miss Mindy's Art Studio....
Moi with Mr. Halloween himself... Stephen Chiodo

Everyone survived.

Me and my Man- sweet Ricky Dee.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Upcoming: SSG - La Luz & Leanna Lin's

'Tacky Tea'

Screaming Sky Gallery
Group Show
SUGAR and SPICE and Everything Nice
October 27th through November 20th

'Keeping the nibbles at Bay'
La Luz 25Opening receptions: November 4 and 5, 8–11 PM

I'll be attending that weekend- I'll 'tweet' what day... :)

Leanna Lin's Wonderland
Opening Reception: NOV. 19th 6-10pm

My sister and I will be taking over the main gallery wall
and showcasing our latest works and goodies for the season!


-Hope to see you!

PS- All artworks available through the galleries fore mentioned. Please contact them for availability! :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Baby Tattooville 2011 - recap

 I've been lucky enough to be apart of the BabyTattooville events for 3 years now,
and each one has been so fun and Bizarre... filled to the brim with artsy fartsy goodies and activities! Even the badges have thought- this years was designed by the lovely Lola.

I honestly don't really know how to explain the event,
so here's a lil 'clip from the website: 
"Baby Tattooville provides a unique opportunity for a few enthusiastic collectors (like yourself) to spend a weekend with an all-star lineup of celebrated artists. Without the time constraints of a typical personal appearance, or the crowd control issues of a standing-room-only event, artists and collectors will have a weekend-long opportunity to discuss and explore their mutual interests. Original work will be created and celebrated around-the-clock; no one will leave empty handed. "

Being the 5 year anniversary n' all... there was quite a line-up!  Tim Biskup, Gary Baseman, SHAG, Frank Kozik, Ana Bagayan, Amy Sol, Anthony Ausgang, Gris Grimly, Yoskay Yamamoto, Ron English, Elizabeth McGrath, Johnny Ryan, KRK Ryden, Lola, Brandi Milne, Luke Chueh, Travis Louie, Van Arno, Tara McPherson, Buff Monster, Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez, James Gurney, Bob Dob, William Stout, Jeffrey Scott, Coop, Robert  and Suzanne Williams, Daniel Peacock, James Jean, Audrey Kawasaki and Myself...
 We managed to squeeze in quite a bit of painting on the Art Jam this year.. Not too many 'art battles' happened..*cough* Ryan *cough *cough*
when I first attended. I was told it's the usual practice to make the attendees/collectors somethin' special. After all, they're forkin' out some serious moo-la, so it better be thoughtful. That year was homemade suckers that almost managed to kill my sweet Ricky-dee. (Finding boiling point for 60 suckers..! ;) -AND after that...cutting out 50 large wooden hand painted Nickels ..yipes! masochist. yap! That's me.

   So This year, I made elf pasties, thinking they'd be a little easier to do, because I was going to vacuform them. ( Maybe I should learn to count as well? - X 2 honey pie!) errrr.. well? Let's just say, you learn as you go, and in the end.... I learned A LOT in short amount of time.
I've  found, that living my life as an elf, makes trial by fire not so bad. ;)
 So far folks have sent me some pretty funny pictures of them with pasties on their heads, knees, as brooches, n' shoulder pads? -ok, well whatever floats yer boat, just have fun them! ;) I was so pleased with how happy they made everybody.
You can't wear a straight face whist wearing 'Miss Mindy's' one of a kind  'Elf Pasties'.
No Sir.

I'm smiling right now.
Thank god for my families sense of humor...
100 some odd pasties later....

 So Then, Ricky dee and I got all packed up, and scooted our rears out the door..
squeakin' in a bit late.
See me behind Michael Hussar? I didn't think so. Bad kids go in the back.
 After the Artist Panel...and Captain Soto.
I ran on over to the store to drop off my one of a kind goodies..
This little original sculpture of mine got snagged up by a collector - fair and square.
good bye lil' pal.
 Speaking of square. I love Amanda. why hello!
 KRK Ryden, all alone and painting.. must have been nice, because then....
 This happens! The rush to finish before the cut off time...(cut off time?) sucks to paint in chaos..
but it's exciting!
 After the nuttiness.. down down down to the catacombs we go... to where Blacksmith Tony is banging away on various things.. helmuts, swords....

and what? Bob! You stole my brand new Xena pasties!

And more fun in the cavern with James Gurney..
You may know him by his fabulous paintings in 'Dinotopia.' Great great guy.

KMNDZ's super adorable wife Lorraine and BTV attendee and artist pal Olivier....

One of the biggest benefits for artists participating in the annual Baby Tattooville
celebration is having their work exhibited in the Riverside Art Museum for all to see even after the exclusive weekend festivities end (you have about five weeks – until Nov. 8 – to catch show).  Entering its fifth year of hosting exhibitions featuring BT artists, this collection is a retrospective of sorts that includes works from those that have had their work in the annual show in the past.

KRK...lil' me.... n' Van Arno

Way to excited Brandi Milne and  Me - we will eat your face!

look how excited uncle Bob is?
and there's Van Arno's hair again!


and look how snobby i look in this picture... geees.  Must have been the pizza &  beer.
Ohh! yay. Josh Agle / SHAG does some mighty fine artwork!
I totally adored what Ragnar did for, so many names to incorporate! wow.

GREAT hanging out with Tattoo artist Hannah - whiskey n' doodles in the mornin'!

My awesome Rick O'Brien-- in THE DRAWING STANCE- go git 'em stance!

One of my favorite ( and luckiest) collectors.. Katie Crabb..
the winner of my Circus Punk and original painting two years ago! DAMN GINA!

Rick worked on this painting in the room while we were down there..
ahhh... the Room smelled like oil paint, candles burnin' , booze flowin'...pals getting rowdier upstairs.
Crazy time........
 I adore the colors Rick.
You could kick my ass sideways with yer paint strokes. yap.

Finally home Radio.

Curioser? Here's some Babytattooville FAQ's