Thursday, October 08, 2009


BabyTattooville 2009 was insanely fun..
Here's all us artist's with our 'Art Jam' painting Sat. night: James Gurney, Michael Hussar, Audrey Kawasaki, Travis Louie, Elizabeth McGrath, (moi) Miss Mindy, Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez, KRK Ryden, Greg "Craola" Simkins, Yoskay Yamamoto, Buff Monster and The Lovely Miss Molly Crabapple.

--- It was so nice to meet all the artists...not to mention work along side each other. To hang out with the attendees was so very cool.. I've never met so many people so incredibly psyched about art - thank you for making me feel welcome.
Yes My Wooden Nickels actually got done before the guests arrived on Friday...
I was happy & exhausted! Watching them pick out their "Loot Bag" was my favorite part -- I got to see most of the folks open their bags and pull out their handmade sucker- and then Nickel. Their faces were like Christmas.

Below are two of the cards from our "Duets" evening... -- artists draw on these special cards 50/50 courtesy of arrested motion. These two were me, Buff Monster and Yoskay...

Sucker Madness.... This is how I made the Custom sucker gift for the attendees of Baby Tattooville -First the sculpt.... (I used super sculpey)

Then cook up the secret formula... ( sugar sugar sugar sugar diabetes sugar)

-don't forget to place your tripod on your stove with a large twist-tie attached to your candy thermometer to achieve the right temperature! ( Our pan was too shallow, so I had to get creative.. ha ha)
pour le gooooo... into le fairy face....(after you make the mold of course-- 'Sill-Putty' works awesome.)

and waaa--- la! The custom candy shop -- enough sugar to make you crazy! Thank you Rick for helping me with the assembly line. I owe you the biggest Guinness ever. 0r three.

Below are some sketches I did for the attendees..... _______________________________________________

And lastly and certainly not least... out lovely room at The Mission Inn!

Who does this to toilet paper- really? - they do. You know it --I kept it, and will wear it in my hair to some artsy fart-y thing.

Thank you to my sweet man Ricky-Dee, without you I would have gone insane...

and to Bob Self, for publishing my books and supporting my art habbit. Thank you.
Here's some press about the event:


Laurie M. said...

OMG, Miss Mindy, those suckers are genius! I would have liked to attend just for the candy!! Yum!

shaunna said...

Oh my!!! I'm in love with both the suckers & the wooden nickels!!! You're amazing!!! Loved all the pics! Any hauntings at your room in the Mission Inn?

Miss Mindy said...

Sadly no hauntings for Rick and I... but I heard Audrey may have had an encounter at 3am in the halls-- but thats hear say! hmmm. that place is great, and the event was awesome-- so glad you guys liked my homemade goodies!

brandi milne said...

You forgot to mention that you were the cutest girl there and that you kicked butt all weekend! Can you believe the sketches this woman gives out people? Insane! Hip Hip for Mindy!

Heather Chavez said...

wow that event looks amazing