Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloweeners here!

So Halloweenies- this weekend, some old friends of mine have curated a great show, with amazing artists! nope, I'm not in this one- you guessed it! ha haha... so anywho- I'm chuggin' down to San Diego with my best pal 'Bran Slice'- and dollin' up Day of the Dead style. I'm really looking forward to it- and I hope you can go support 'em at the SUBTEXT Gallery! -
click here for info!

Also- I had to throw in my 'crazy power tool girl face' today. Ricky-dee's been teaching me how to use, pin-ers and brad nail guns- which run by compressed air! hardcore! AIR! rock! - okay, better finish this commission- or I can't go to the show Friday... aaah!
Have a fun weekend, and let me know all about it...all the gory details.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

rainy day schedule...

I just dolled up my studio/dining room - whatever you wanna call it--
we don't 'dine' in there. so yes, studio. heh.

I found a new little vintage stool that I've been keeping my eye out for years!--ahhh at last--the perfect height for my table--I know it seems simple. but I'm sooooper excited to have revamped my whole's ready fro some big projects! cleared los head.
gifts from pals 'n' lil things I like.....I keep them in eye sight to make me happy-Life drawings from different models.... (below, my attempt at a man--wow!)

A painting in progress for Leanna Lin's Wonderland, in Eagle Rock--
Mine & my sisters new outlet in Northeast LA!
Join us for our kick off Nov 13th 6-10pm....
for all sorts of unusual art/products/prints from us chickens !
I hear there will be yummy food trucks there and some free gifties--
I sure hope you'll join us- I'll post more info as it gets closer.

And last but certainly not least...Thought it'd be fun to see a throwback to the 2009 art jam
( I never posted it--whoops!)

Everybody play nice now... BTV Art Jam 2009

Have good rainy day.

Thursday, October 07, 2010


Rick in the midst of his 50 sketches..all from live models we had in our room... whew!
Lil' ol' me and "cooper" my favorite attendee...

A blurry Robert Williams in the Catacombs... bizarro evening ------!

Here's some of my favorites of the 50 that I drew...

and a sketch for one of the folks....

Ricky dee workin' on "Art Jam" #2....

and Ricky Dee and the Rainbows...outside our room--- beautiful!

I've put an album up on my facebook page if you'd like to check out more pictures of the event. -very fun.
Baby Tattooville is always a great time...I get re-inspired, and have had the pleasure of meeting some of my favorite artists---Thanks Bob so much for another awesome weekend!