Monday, March 23, 2009

Munky King custom 'Pusher' Show

"The Worker" - - -Acrylic & cloth on Plastic - - - available at Munky King

More custom TOYS!!!!... down at Munky King on Melrose this coming Thursday!
So much has been goin'! - gettin' ready to be hitched - and finding the perfect pair of fairy wings for the day... hmmm what else,......My paper doll book is REALLY done! I have a copy in my hot little hands! There is to be a book signing, and art show at La Luz de Jesus in May--- I'll keep you posted! - - -also....I've been a busy Bee on 'The Mighty B! '(scuse the pun) for season 2 at Nickelodeon, and have been creating paintings for this years upcoming shows!
I hope everyone is hangin' in there, keep makin' stuff folks --no one can stop us from being creative - thank god!