Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Holidays Folks!

Have a good Christmas, from my Dink to yours....

and to end this year on a high note, here are some letters that some really cool kids wrote & drew of Dink! .... It's a program through Nickelodeon where you go to an elementary school, one of us reads, and the other one animates the story... i love kids, they're so much cooler than we are. he he he....

Safe Journey to all ye travelers.....

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mucho Crap-ola in December!

Dink hopes you had a good thanksgiving.....

TOY NEWS FLASH! - Looks like there's a slow up at the toy factory for Dink, and also my sisters toy- Maeve. New colorways, and also Our blind box sets will be availibale most likely in March! - uggggh - I know, lots of ya'll wanted 'em for christmas, but due to the new regulations on paints and plastics- we gotta hang tight. I'm really excited about the new colorways - so I'll keep you posted as I find out when they will be coming in. Thanks so much for you patience everbody!

ART Shows i'm in this month:

POP Gallery: Santa Fe "Tales and Toys" thru December - - - -

Wonderful World Art Gallery: culver city "carnival of the strange"
Both mine and my sisters art is on diplay in the gallery & online thru December!
Thanks to all who joined us at The Vinyl Toy Network signing this Sunday.... Here's some photos of the baby tattoo booth with Nutty Uncle Bob Self (Mr. Baby Tattoo) & Ragnar signing away!

ahhhhh... Our Annual Holiday Open Studio, Dec. 8th 5-9pm.
If yer not on my mailing list, (preferable un-psycho) &
would like to join us... please email me for more info!

Many Folks have been wondering what the hell I've been up to, (lack of posts...etc... sorry!) Welp, besides finishing up books, painting and designing toys - I have been working on a show called El Tigre, at Nickelodeon! I got to load up on some new computer skills... "whaaa? you?" - "but you cut wood and have hairy feet" you say... yes indeed, it's been a great time, learned a alot, and I got to work with some awesome peoples (check out my added links!), I just wish the show was granted some more seasons (yukko corporate crap happened.) booo.... I'll have to send the pixies on after them!
Here is my 'lil character from the show that the lovely Sandra Equihua designed! (notice I am as tall as the main KID character in the show.... ha ha ha very funny.)
but Yes, I still am cutting wood in my cave like normal as well... There will plenty more fat pixies and weird underpants ladies, ornaments-etc coming out for the holidays.... So hopefully you'll be able to make it to one of these crazy shows/events that I have plastered above!
good health to you all-

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Feasting Folks!

The Thanksgiving Elf wishes you "Tiny feet and a big REAR this time of year!"

Friday, November 02, 2007

Kokeshi Doll show at Subtext....

Hi Folks! This weekend is The Kokeshi Doll show at SUBTEXT. I hope to see some of ya'll there...My pal Brandy and I will be painting the town some kind of color tomorrow... so we hope to see you San Diego Way! Above is my painted doll for the show.. with her chicken boyfriend -
NEW flickr for all Kokeshi:
Chris(tina) The Curators Blog:
some press!

Friday, October 19, 2007

BIG SHOW! Carnival of the Strange.....

TO THE CARNIVAL OF THE STRANGE…Ladies and Gentlemen, Here are a couple peices I will be showing at the WWGallery this friday....I hope you will join us, and if you can't honor us with your presence this Friday... it's up until Dec. 22nd! (but you'll miss the carnies... "Dink" wouldn't go unless there were carnies.)
WHO: Wonderful World Art Gallery (WWA) is proud to announce Carnival of the Strange: Highlighting Original Works of Emily the Strange. The exhibition will showcase original artwork by the creative forces behind the world’s most intriguing 13 year old girl - the international cult phenomenon, Emily the Strange.

WHAT: The “Carnival of the Strange” opening will feature a spectacular three-ring celebration of Emily-inspired carnie fare. Prepare to be amazed by the sideshow-inspired displays of “strange” original works including art by Tim Burton and movie storyboards from his famous Nightmare Before Christmas. Also on display will be traditional Mongolian paper cuttings of the amazing Turo “Scissorhands,” paintings and shadowbox ensembles by the whimsical duo CJ Metzger and Miss Mindy, along with Gris Grimly, and the Secret Art and Unorthodox Taxidermy collections of Dr. Seuss. Gallery guests will be met by a cast of Carnies as soon as they walk in the door, while they sip on the gallery’s “Carnie Cosmos,” and as they have their fortunes foretold.

WHERE: Wonderful World Art Gallery is located in downtown Culver City, among many fine eateries and adjacent to Sony Pictures Entertainment.

The Gallery is located at 9517 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232.

WHEN: Friday, October 26, from 6PM – 9PM.

On display through December 22nd.

The Gallery is open Tuesday – Wednesday from 10AM – 6PM and Thursday – Saturday from 11AM – 7PM. The gallery is closed Sunday, and is open Monday by appointment only.

Wonderful World Art Gallery (310) 836-4992
For further information or photographs, please contact the gallery directly.


Monday, October 08, 2007

Giant Orange Foot.

Howdy-Hi folks! oh god... more pictures of Dink.... What can I say? I don't have any children, but have given birth to a little plastic thing. - - - -I just want to take her everywhere, In fact, Now she's with me at work. I couldn't leave her at home... to eat all the crackers and cheese, watch old re-runs of Robotech, Columbo and what not..... ohhhh no. So, she's found that the trash dumpster in the alley is fun... and she really likes the big orange foot on the sign. But she's pissed that 'Double Dare' is off the air... and no slime comes out of the fountain anymore. (gees... picky eh? pixies these days...corrupt - fulla junk food...n' bitchy)

SHOW IN! - Please join me in San Diego next month @ subtext for a "Kokeshi" doll show....

ANOTHER SHOW IN! - I'm in Group show this Saturday with my sister and many other art folks....
at The Carmichael Gallery for Contemporary Art - Join us!

New Link happiness - - - I have revamped my links, and spruced up the blog a bit ( like anyone cares... he he he) but dammit! it gives me joy when starring blankly at my screen at a new area for some pretty classy broads that I adore.... and Fairy Folks! If I have left anyone out... it's on purpose. he he he...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Puppets at the FarmLab...

Here's a video of the Puppet show this last weekend... called: "Puppets After Hours" and presented by Farm Lab...... so cool!

also.. here's a link to Puppetry around the world! The site also helps w/ making yer own puppet stuff- I'm making a stage, and puppets, if anyone wants to hire me for birthday parties.... he he he...naw really! I'm serious! I feel like I found a peice of my soul that was missing.... I adore puppets. a lot.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Congrats & Hodge Podge. . .

2 of my favorite people are gettin' hitched!
Congratulations to My best Friend Brandy & her beau Eddie!
No more hookers for you! Awwww...

If only Dink could stay on the right side of the road. settle down. Yet again, she's been 'lingering around' BrackenFern Manor, "drinking tea"...(so she whispered to me...) while reeking of scotch! -we'll i never! She thoroughly enjoys it at the Manor due to the fact it is an old Cat House/Brothel... waay back in the days of prohibition & Bugsy Siegel. Dink is so happy prohibition is over.. she's making up for lost time.

- - - - - - - ART- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Here's my messy desk, - I've been finishing up my paperdoll book,
(thanks to all who have already pre-ordered... and for your patience, I'll keep ya'll posted as I go throught the motions. . .)
I stare at these way too much... These are the toys on top of my Desk... you know how you sit there, trying to get a composition right.. "what the hell am I drawing..??"blah blah bluuuuuuhh - - - -Betty always wins the starring contest, and freaks me out from time to time.

- - - - - - - -this is a commission I just finished... she wanted her 'pooch' in the painting...- - - - - - - - - -How I feel about my paintings from time to time.
- - - - - - - - -ahhh a nature Mural for a preschool, we just finished! ( notice the massive bird which will give kids nightmares!)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Toy & Show News.....

Thanks everybody - - -The Limited Edition Pre-Release "DINK" is sold out at 3DRetro..., but is available at Cardboard Spaceship , Munky KING & our current gallery show at the Wind Up Gallery (they had a few in their store.... so, send 'em an email if you wanna nab one!)

ALSO: to answer some ?'s about Dink...
Q: "How the hell does she stand?"
A: She has ball and socket joint wings... so she stands like a tripod. You can also make her fly around - or pull them out and throw them at your little sister.
Q: "When's the color version coming out?"
A: In September I heard, DKE is the distribution company.. and they sell to many of the local toy stores. yay!
Q: "How come I don't see wings on the picture above?"
A: That particular Dink is the resin prototype I painted awhile back...
(She couldn't get her wings yet.. he he he he) - The vinyl you buy in the stores - will include wings like in the picture below.

Q: "What does Dink enjoy the most?"
A: Neil Diamond, John Denver, old reruns of Columbo & watching David Bowies pants in Labyrinth.
Q: "What doesn't she like?... so I don't get beat up by my new Pixie."
A: Wet party hats, fake Cheetos and complicated eating schedules.

Here's some cool press from the shows Me and Sis are in right now....
JUXTAPOZ PRESS for The WIND up Gallery Show
LA WEEKLY PRESS for the LA MYTH Show at Meltdown
KID ROBOT - a cool discussion about Mine & Sissy's Kustom vinyls!

TITLE: Gretchen's - - - - - -for LA MYTH show @ Meltdown
WHY? - What Mythical creature has the power to make all the Hollywood women look the same?
hmmmm.... why Gretchen's Tummy Tuk and JUG Implant emporium- of course!

:)mm - have a nice day.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Travel time w/ DINK! & Bran spankin' new SHOWS!

Dink enjoyed her Journey to Arizona this last weekend.... We stopped at the dinosaurs, and the General Patton museum - (she really liked the tanks.) The Wind UP Gallery show went great - Thanks so much to the owners - Anthony and Lindsay, we felt welcome in Mesa! Check out the show here, if ya don't go on the Arizona trek! (click on current shows...)

Meltodown Reception Pictures: Check 'em out!

Me and my sis... and not to mention a load of other great folks - are in this show this Saturday, 8pm - at Meltdown in Hollwood! - see LAMYTH for more info! Thanks for the invite Aaron!


Tuesday, July 31, 2007

*sigh* ... The Beast is done!

Ahhh - - - - pish posh... Le booth of the Artist Sisters, up at last with alla le junk in tow! Comic-con has come and gone, and man - what a wild time it was! So many new people - the air conditioning was REALLY working this year, and honestly, since they capped the attendees, it was much more comfortable for them... I didn't see screaming babies this year, and as many couples fighting. he he he ...Anyway, Thanks to everyone for supporting our art & Toy and Book Signings! It was a great time, and we look forward to next years hall of madness.
This Robot was a collaboration done by the us sisters...
It's now on Display in San Diego at the Mindstyle showroom...

Ahhhh... The lovely Denise Clark, My childhood friend - who helped us through the mayhem this year..... Thank you!!!! & two very talented ladies, 1 being-our hot sauce neighbor (whom I promise to get ya'll her web info as soon as i dig through all my crap!) and Ver Mar.

Signing at the Vinyl Toy Network on Saturday was amazing! such great people... Me and sis were all new beans to the toy world! - DINK is on the loose, and so is my sisters toy Mischievous Maeve.... You can get 'em at 3D RETRO

Also, here's a cool blurb about us gals on VINYL PULSE!

Thanks again to ya'll for the continued support, It was great to see all the friends we've made over the years, drink too much, not sleep, and try and stay awake during convention hours... he he he... see ya when we do it again next year!