Friday, April 13, 2012

Rainy Parade...

Merci to all the awesome people I got to meet at Artfest this year!
I felt so welcome, and had such a damn good time...
Sorry it took me so long to post,
I also do animation work (at random), And on top of that...
I currently have a super HUGE secret fine art project which I will reveal in June!
It's special, and exhausting.
I slept for a whole day when I got back from Seattle,
pulse went down to 10 beats, I swear, I'm like a hamster... when I play, I PLAY!
When I sleep. I go unconscious.
A Special thank you to my Collector, Inspirational Speaker, and now awesome pal,
Angi SullinsYou can check out her company with her husband Silas..
HERE - called Duirwaigh.
We were 10 year olds on this trip, and enjoyed every minute of it!
- From rickety Thai food, to gigantic fish faces in Pike place Market,
or boozin' it up at random in the 'bad girls dorm' at the fort. Thank you Angi for kicking my ass to turn in a proposal the day before it was due. Teaching ruled.
And huge hoot and holler to Tracy and Teesha, who put the whole she-bang together!
*Here's to your own creativity on this Rainy Friday dear blog reader*,
I don't even know if people read anymore because of twitter and all that social media crapploa... ha ha ha-;) Cheers to doing what you want, and not letting anyone rain on your parade!
-Lv, MM