Monday, March 26, 2007

'Secret Lives of Dolls' Reception!

BIG 'ol Honkin' Post! Here's some photo's from the show reception on Saturday. . . Thank you SO much to Everyone who came out and supported us lil' Artist Sisters. The show is doing great - and arts flyin' of the walls! Our new Books are out, & are sittin' pretty in special limited edition wood boxes for the show. . . If you didn't get to come to the show, It will be up until May. I have also posted a video clip below (it's my first time posting clips, so bear w/ me!) for those that missed the reception..... so hold a glass of vino - eat some warm cheese, and pretend we are all trying to figure out what the hell my sis and I were trying to portray.. (In very large words of course!) he he he....
Neat Press. . . .Vinyl Pulse gave us a HUGE shout out w/ some nice things to say about our toy lines coming out this summer... thanks guys!
Again, my deepest thanks to all our supportees! :)-mm

Art Show Clip!

I Swear It's There! Click on the blank nothing-ness and it'll paly on u-tube. . . . geees. . . . If anybody has got any helpful sites for this problem - please drop me a line! Thanks - and enjoy the art show! --- Thanks Warren! I got it to embed! without pals... my computer skills would be just 'orrible.....

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Art Show - Sat. the 24th at Gallery Revisited!

All Red-Eyed and and paintin'........ the artist sisters put on their disco ball to get out aggressions later that evening and blast Patsy Cline & Elastica to keep awake - - - - - - - - - -lots 'o' Last minute touches & assembling this fine St. Patty's Day... and CJ's birthday is tomorrow! We hope you will join us for our Art Show Sat. March 24th from 6-10pm,
or I'll send the big bootied fairy brigade to fly ya'll down there! Thanks again to everyone who has helped us get this show on the road - and we'll see you Saturday!

Monday, March 05, 2007

"Gallery Revisited... Visited"

Leora Came by to check on us girls... to make sure we weren't
killing eachother like last week. . .
Here's the Photo Op for our show....
You can be a naked doll, being eaten by a fish!

Here's some more of the big bootied fairies I
baited into the garden.....
I took time out this last weekend to give the fairies in my yard a Feast.. (It get's 'em in real close for doodlin' and spankings!!- - -ohhh c'mon, fairies love spankings!) -Plus, the Big Totoro Rick made for me keeps watch, while the little fairies carry on and drink waaaaaaay to much milk and honey. ps... check out for great homes for fairy folk.
Messy...messy.... late at night - blasted by a little light,
The little paintings laugh in spite...Dam them all, their always right... Sleepy ..Sleepy little Broad, tell your art to kiss a frog - so you can go, & get some rest, and brush your yellow teeth with crest. . . .
-be well everyone....