Thursday, January 26, 2006

"Fake Apples" is what this little
self portrait is named - you can check her out at the ThinkSpacegallery(.com) on Melrose -

along with 'Jumbly Jill.' This one is wood cut as well...
felt real good to do -

Here's quite a dish -
yup, done on wood -
I didn't cut this one out,
just did it old school...
the title fer this one is:
"Blowin' Smoke"

This lil' woodcut I did before Christmas,
the title is " Look Cute, and eat your damn pie"
She is now owned by Josh and Jennie Book -
some great friends of mine - thank you both!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

INSANE CoStumage!
Halloween rolled around last year...
and 'em - My sweet Ricky dee and mee
had a masked weddin' to attend!
Here are the costumes we made for the Ball on the Queen Mary -

The MAD Zombie Director...!!!

Here's some shots that i took of

a film he's doing, and that I

got to play dead In!

oh my... more Zombies!
Matt and I having a great time pretending we were dead -

Hey Everyone!
I finally figured this heeyah Blogger McBlog Out!...
Now I can post pictures of My new Art, doodles, costumes - life & ramble on to any 'ol goddamn soul that stumbles into MissMindyLand!

hee hee hee!!
I've been up to a myriad of projects... my most recent being a book for Baby Tattoo Press. I am real excited about it, and feel I really found a medium I like to do my personal work in - WOOD! I'll keep you posted on the project - but for now, for those of you who I didn't get a chance to see at my comic-con booth, here's a sneak- at one of the art peices "Tilly's Seat in the Sky"
Which started the Idea for the book -
Thanks so much for lookin'!

Here's another lil' guy which was done for Tony C's

CajunUnation Benefit show last year...

her name is "Smokin' Doe"

Saturday, January 14, 2006

This lil' lady was painted on wood...

her name is "Jumbly Jill"