Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hey Everyone!
I finally figured this heeyah Blogger McBlog Out!...
Now I can post pictures of My new Art, doodles, costumes - life & ramble on to any 'ol goddamn soul that stumbles into MissMindyLand!

hee hee hee!!
I've been up to a myriad of projects... my most recent being a book for Baby Tattoo Press. I am real excited about it, and feel I really found a medium I like to do my personal work in - WOOD! I'll keep you posted on the project - but for now, for those of you who I didn't get a chance to see at my comic-con booth, here's a sneak- at one of the art peices "Tilly's Seat in the Sky"
Which started the Idea for the book -
Thanks so much for lookin'!


Chris Battle said...

Yeeee-hawww! Welcome to bloggy-land, Mindy! Nice to have a daily stop for that Miss Mindy fix. When are ya gonna post all those charicatures everyone did of you???

Miss Mindy said...

Hmmmm... you mean all the ones YOU did of me! ha Ha Ha...sooon...yes..(rubbing my hands together) very soon....