Tuesday, July 31, 2007

*sigh* ... The Beast is done!

Ahhh - - - - pish posh... Le booth of the Artist Sisters, up at last with alla le junk in tow! Comic-con has come and gone, and man - what a wild time it was! So many new people - the air conditioning was REALLY working this year, and honestly, since they capped the attendees, it was much more comfortable for them... I didn't see screaming babies this year, and as many couples fighting. he he he ...Anyway, Thanks to everyone for supporting our art & Toy and Book Signings! It was a great time, and we look forward to next years hall of madness.
This Robot was a collaboration done by the us sisters...
It's now on Display in San Diego at the Mindstyle showroom...

Ahhhh... The lovely Denise Clark, My childhood friend - who helped us through the mayhem this year..... Thank you!!!! & two very talented ladies, 1 being-our hot sauce neighbor (whom I promise to get ya'll her web info as soon as i dig through all my crap!) and Ver Mar.

Signing at the Vinyl Toy Network on Saturday was amazing! such great people... Me and sis were all new beans to the toy world! - DINK is on the loose, and so is my sisters toy Mischievous Maeve.... You can get 'em at 3D RETRO

Also, here's a cool blurb about us gals on VINYL PULSE!

Thanks again to ya'll for the continued support, It was great to see all the friends we've made over the years, drink too much, not sleep, and try and stay awake during convention hours... he he he... see ya when we do it again next year!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Comic-con 2007

Yes, the madness has come again..... ahhh the feeling of being a hockey puck in a giant convention center....but man, it's here - and there's nothin' the squares can do about it!...
Sooooo if you love art, comics, and ideas... come on down to join me and my sis at:
booth 4717- - - In the Fantasy Illustrators section....
I will be trapped in my booth most of the time,
with the exceptions of the following joints, where we will be signing new TOYS & books!
Stop on by! -or heck, me and sis will be signing toys to eachother... back and fourth, back and fourth.. he he he....
Please see http://www.comic-con.org/ for more info.

Saturday / Comic-Con Signing with 1045 Showroom @ Toy Tokyo Booth #5325
3:00PM - CJ Metzger
4:00PM - Miss Mindy
Off location at VINYL TOY NETWORK - 6:00PM to 8:00PM
- Artist Sisters: Miss Mindy & CJ Metzger, with Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters , Skwak _______________________________________________________

Here's the new Baby Tattoo Catalog, with some very purdy paintings by Kevin Dart! Many new books are coming out, and we're all excited.... so pick one up at booth #601... Me and sis will be signing there at the Baby Tattoo booth at 3pm on Friday! _____________________________________________________

FOLKS TO Visit at the CON!

Rick O'Brien - booth #4919 .....with The Monument Project - - - He will have some some of his recent artwork and projects - So tell him, "Your Cruddy girl friend sent me!" (and then he'll punch you in the face...ahhh comic-con... he he he)
BORED INC - booth ##4936 ......headed up by Carol & Courtney, who design GREAT vinyls for your walls, cloth purses, pins and other goodies! (they will have wall vinyls by me and my sis!)
TOFU GIRLS - booth # 5106 ......A cool new Tee Company by my friends Mindy lee & Hong, they will have a couple designs by myself, and other talented gals... _______________________________________________

see you in the mad-house!
:0 -mm

Thursday, July 12, 2007

"Wind-Up Gallery Show"

Dink wants to tell you about our Arizona Show:
" August 4th is the reception....way far away, so if you want to go, better git yer tickets with no delay! Cuz Arizona's hot as hell... come look at art..and "what's that smell?" - - - I will be there on shelf looking like a chubby elf... waiting for you to take me home, so I can steal your chocolate scones."
August 4th - Sept. 1st
Opening Reception: August 4th 7-10pm http://www.windupgallery.com
We know it's outta state, but hopefully you can join us, or check out the show online after the reception!

Monday, July 09, 2007

'Mermaid Show'

So lately I've felt like I want to dive into the ocean and swim to Japan. luckily, this show came along, so I can hop in my bike an ride down to see all the mermaids... there's something so carefree about 'em, it just makes me want to be one...
- the last painting of the mer-fairy isn't in the show... I actually just finished it... but thought it suited the post... so eveyone, have a good day - and when things get crazy in your world, just
pretend your a mermaid, (especially the boys) and all your co-workers will think you're nuts and leave you alone.
for more info regarding the show, see: The Cactus Gallery