Thursday, May 25, 2006

'Great Show!"

WOW! Whatta cool show..... It was great to see Cosmo show alla his films down at the Derby
last night... & Seein' the Ditty Bops sing is always inspires me. The place had such a good feeling, so many pals came down and had some fun.
I did the top peice, "Where the blue grass Grows" for last years "Girl Show" at Nucleus....

Next up is the Ditty Bops new CD, which is out now... so go 'n' get one! There's some grrrrreat
songs for yer ears.
and below that (geees...) is Cosmo's new DVD of his films.... I'll post if he's got a show coming up - it's real fun to sit on the floor and watch the Zombies go by to some eerie music which he and F-stop play live....

A buncha animation art folks were in the zombie movie, including myself, Howie, Matt Danner, Ciro Nelli and a mound of others (check my archives for spooky pictures, if ya didn't see 'em already!) -mm

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

'For my Mind'

I'm fighting with my artwork again.... sometimes we love eachother, and other times I want to kick it's ass. Sometimes I do Ink sketches to clear up my head, just to doodle out and Idea or concept of what the problem is - seems to help the creative juices. I tend to feel tied to different media, so that's what this one is about. I thinks that's why I decided to do mixed media works.... because it makes my hand do something different, something it's not so comfortable doing, yet it feels right. I have so much to show you guys, (woodcut/paper wise) but It's top secret right now.... Boooooo!!! But will soon enough! I've been doing a couple wood/paper pieces for the Nucleus Gallery as well, and will post those when their done....

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

'Wooden Birthday Family'

Yay! It's me berfday... and I got an awesome little wooden family in the mail from my great friend Courtney, Thanks soooo much! I know yer in Europe, so I hope you are having a wonderful time! Have a nice day everybody - go ahead, smile at a stranger... I always manage to freak people out in LA by doing that. It's great. -mm

Monday, May 15, 2006

'Fanny the Fairy'

Here's a little sketch I did while looking at the fairies in my yard...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

'Mindies' & 'Ringmaster'

Here's a couple Ink sketches... The top one is of Mindy Lee and I... ( for any of ya'll that worked with us, you know she really does have a cleaver!) he he - and lastly an Inky RingMaster lass.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Danke Schoen!

Geee.... it was great to see everyone! - My niece and I wanted to thank all you folks for joining in our Ice Cream shenanigans at Zanzabelles friday night. The catalog is armed with GrrrrEAT books, and is on the loose! Again, thanks for the kick ass support & stay tuned for more artwork! -mm

OOps! I almost forgot! - a couple of the art boxes will stay up at Zanzabelle's for another month... so be sure to pop on by and get yer fill on candy - if ya didn't stop by for the shin-dig.... meanwhile, I'm going to throw up! (cute ain't it!)