Wednesday, May 24, 2006

'For my Mind'

I'm fighting with my artwork again.... sometimes we love eachother, and other times I want to kick it's ass. Sometimes I do Ink sketches to clear up my head, just to doodle out and Idea or concept of what the problem is - seems to help the creative juices. I tend to feel tied to different media, so that's what this one is about. I thinks that's why I decided to do mixed media works.... because it makes my hand do something different, something it's not so comfortable doing, yet it feels right. I have so much to show you guys, (woodcut/paper wise) but It's top secret right now.... Boooooo!!! But will soon enough! I've been doing a couple wood/paper pieces for the Nucleus Gallery as well, and will post those when their done....

1 comment:

Heather_Chavez said...

thats a great visualzation of how it feels to fight with your artwork, I hope its behaving for ya now