Thursday, November 21, 2013

16 Holiday Vinylmation Ornament release : Dec 1st!

WonderGround / Vinylmation release!
Hey there! I will be signing my latest one-of-a-kind Vinylmation series and drawing lil' doodles for ya'll... DEC 1st from 11-1pm!

*Only 16 Frosty-Holiday ornaments will be available
at WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney® District starting next sunday!

                                            Click Here for more info! - On the Disney Blog....

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Through The Looking Glass" / "Wild Rumpus" / & OPEN STUDIO!

                                               SHOWS RUNs through Dec. 24, 2013
Artist Sisters: CJ Metzger/Miss Mindy and Friends
"Through The Looking Glass" Art / Boutique show.
 *Tons of wonderland-ish art ornaments created by our talented pals +  new fabulous-nonsense created by us sista's!
 Allison Revilla / Anne Bollman / Bored Inc. / Brandy Trigueros / Christy Kane / CJ Metzger / Coney / Crowded Teeth / Cuddly Rigor Mortis / Em & Sprout / 
Emma Goo / Genevieve Santos / Jacqueline Myers-Cho / Leslie Levings (Beastlies) / Lindsay Caneso / Michal Wright-Ward / Misha Lulu / Miss Mindy / Nicole Piar / Sophie Metzger
  { Jewelry by Persimmon Jewelry }
art inquiries:


Arroyo art Collective, Northeast LA
CJ Metzger will be painting live at Leanna Lin's Wonderland the day of the Arroyo Arts Collective's Discovery tour from 11am-5pm.

Miss Mindy and her husband Rick O'Brien will be showcasing Art and
creating in their home studio:
5315 Candace Place, in Eagle Rock.. 11am-5pm.

* Special art deals will ensue!!

To Our collectors:
Our doors are open to you...
but if you decide you'd like to see the rest
of the Northeast LA arts tour - please click HERE for ticket info!

Pop Gallery ~ Santa Fe
'Wild Rumpus'
The Artists Sisters are happy to be apart of POP Gallery's celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the classic children's book WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE  and the wonderful legacy of Maurice Sendak.
November 1 -
December 31, 2013

Hope to see you!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Octobers Artist In Residence / @Downtown Disney's - WonderGround!


Hello There!
Just putting out a heads up that I'll be paintin' live this October in the
Downtown Disney® District / WonderGround Gallery / at The Disneyland® Resort!
I'm so excited to be this months Artist in Residence...
n ' would adore seeing some familiar faces!
WonderGround Gallery 6:30-9:30pm
~ every Friday and Saturday
*I'll be creating new art every day and some special surprise releases
that I'll be announcing next week! Stay tuned folks...

 See this link for INFO!
The Disney Blog


Wednesday, August 07, 2013

One of a Kind, WonderLand Chess Set....

Add caption
Thank to all who came by The D23 Expo 2013 at the Anaheim convention center
( Aug 9-11th) .. his big beauty was on display in the Disney Dream Store!

Here's a link to ...The Making of a Wonderland Chess Set - Film
If you didn't get to see it in person!

Ahhhhhh...  at last - A full picture of this beast, and a teenie peek into the making of it as well! It would take a whole website and  feature film to show you the in's and out's of it's process, and what went into this insane piece of hand-crafted artful engineering. seriously..
"The Wonderland Chess Set is an immaculate One of a Kind piece, painted in my unique style, and inspired by Lewis Carolls Wonderland stories and the 1951 Disney animated feature Alice in Wonderland..,With it's mix of  32 customized 3"and Jr. Vinylmation figures, all hand-embellished, sculpted & painted, it's an insane detail feast for your eyes!

The awesome Chess Board is a hand-crafted by Ahab's Shipyard.. He's created a multi-media playground which fuses poplar, pine and bass woods with resin, stone and synthetic turf. Who wants to do yard work anyway, right?! If you look closely, you'll spy a tiny little sculpted Alice watching the game on the side lines, amongst the various flora, fauna, felines, and  crafted elements framing the playing field of these mini marvels... enjoy your trip to Wonderland! - -We've been there.... and back again, and find our reality boarders between the two...hence why our neighbors think we're weird.. "

- MM and Ahab
23 1/2 "x 23 1/2 " x 7 1/2 " tall

12,500 / SOLD


~ Images Copyright Disney

Friday, July 12, 2013

Snow White on Filmic-Light, and D23... sneek Peek/update!

I'm currently creating something Fabulous-o with my hunny at Ahab's Shipyard for here to see the Disney RSP for 2013!
More pictures to come, but first...

Filmic - Light Snow White Archive
just did an amazing spread on my sculptures for their Archive.
I'm also excited to say that they'll be doing a story about my Grandmother soon, who worked on Snow White in the 30's.... stay tuned, and enjoy the blurb!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Into the woods...Deer Me

A day running around the hillsides to celebrate a recent commission I just finished for an awesome human being. The owner of hair-less cats and circus toys, skeletons and art from so many people I adore.
It's the day before I'm dropping it off, so naturally - my best friend and I pack up our bags and run into the woods with my first deer custom sculpture. Inspired by circus silliness, bats and being green... I've been in the company of this deer for 2 years. ( yes I'm that bad ) In fact, if you don't goose me, I can wander off and forget about different projects... but it's usually for the better. See, I'm not one to always finish art all at once. I CAN, but don't always want to. Sometimes letting art chill, and be with you awhile, learning about the material and what you can put on it - what jives with the shape - is what my doctor ordered. Our lives have gotten so fast with phones and insta- everything... I feel that it's good to take a chill pill and not be a time let it go.

So basically, Mr. Deer was my guinea pig for much of my Disney & personal work last year. I learned how to vacuform an umbrella from my awesome husband, fail with certain mediums, then succeed finally, learn to use brass to 'peg out' characters so they're solid and don't just fall apart in a year. The green meanie was my helper. So off he goes to his new home. I'm sad but happy to see him go..... but the giant purge that's going on in my life this past 1/2 year -everything needs to flow. Literally - out with the old, in with the new. Hard, but good... you know, we all go through it. Stay gold in your hearts whoever comes across this entry, creating what YOU want and can contribute to this world is so needed... with love and respect.
~ MM

If you aren't familiar with my best friend Brandy Trigueros work, you're in for a treat!
She took this fabulous picture 6/11/2013

Friday, May 03, 2013

NEW Art & Showcase @ POP / and Thoughts.....


So Yes, I had to fall off the end of the Earth for a spell,
but 'm in a fabulous show this month of May at The POP Gallery in Santa Fe!
I'll be attending the reception on the 25th... and hope to see you there!

 Who knows, if you get me drunk enough- I may even start drawin' live!

      Some why Dia De Los Muertos so early? Well it's pretty much always Day of the Dead in Santa Fe , New Mexico! ;) But as we all know, Life takes bizarro turns....and this particular art piece helped me get out some major demons...
I didn't want to share the chaos that's been happening in mine and Ricks life the past half a year, as to not focus on negative vibes.... but as we come out of the deep dark forest of Cray Cray, the complete enema of the mind, body & home studio is showing it's positive teeth.

      Sadly in December we lost Rick's Grandma-- Our Alice. Losing G-ma was out of the blue, and we thought we'd get to see her again. The holidays came and went, we looked through old pictures of her with shot guns and awesome 60's hair do's, thick rimmed glasses... you know, those old orange-colored photographs that we all love. It was a bitter sweet season...filled with love and loss. We'll miss you so much Alice.

     Through the healing up, ideas brewing for the year, feeling inspired, and ready to crack into the new year after winters sadness.... February happened. Our back shop for mold making and sculpture came under attack by LA city. Crappily, a neighbor reported us and we had to tear it down due to the fact that there are SO many permits in the city of LA, we couldn't swing the cost to keep in time with compliance date. Either pay out thousands, or knock it down, were our only choices. The sounds of hammers and drills and torn wood filled my soul for months, the paperwork and penalty fees which seemed never ending finally is coming to an end. In light of what happened, we had had to downsize, but the positives are definitely here. I've found them, in that pile of crap behind my easel. ;)The Phoenix in my heart is rising, the debris is clearing, and I'm so thankful to have such a gorgeous place create my work, even though we lost part of it. My awesome family and friends who support my crazy whims, and radical collectors who support my art habit no matter how elaborate I get, I thank you. But most of all, my husband and friend, Rick.

     My art, my mind, and little heart and soul.... thank each and every one of you that have made the last 15, yes, 15 years of my art escapes amazing! I've been in countless comic conventions, published books, made toys, curated shows, live painted, designed animated cartoons for countless studios.... It's been such a ride. A hard, easy and insanely tricky ride... always changing. nimble man. It keeps you nimble. Being able to make a living off my artwork all these years is a total blessing from the fairy gods ( Not to mention sweat and tears) Again, loving and losing... I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I'm happy you're with me for the next plateau of art making madness and growth. Sending ya'll creativity, and like my husband always says... FORTITUDE.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

SteamPunk Minnie - now at WonderGround...

                                     Click to Play my latest video on how these gals are made!
                                                       *& Here for YouTUBE  /  VIMEO HD

This one's dressed to the hilt!
"SteamPunk Minnie" - My latest one of a kind sculpture in my SteamBoat Minnie series....
is currently on display at :
Disneyland's / WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney® District - Anaheim.
Each one of these 'Meticulous Minnie Miniatures' is handcrafted by yours truly, and ready for visitors!


If you are interested in the availability of my artwork at Wonderground Gallery, please contact:
The Disney Vault @ 714-300-7004

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Little Miss Mushroom Circus in ArtDollQuarterly!

-Click to enlarge:


This lil' Miss is in Art Doll Quarterly this month! --- "Take a peek on how my first sculpture -in this style- came to be...
a bit on the process of it all, and how one little Mushroom Circus changed my brain forever.... "
Pick one up at:

Friday, February 01, 2013

Out of the Winter Cave!

So, Yeah... I had to go a bit underground for awhile!
What? January? what January... ;)

But hey Kiddo's!
Miss Mindy's back on her Art Makin' Wagon with a brand new video of some of my recent creations, Enjoy the process... n' toodley 'ol music....Click Pic!

currently on Display at :
Disneyland's / WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney® District - AnaheimHD Vimeo
You Tube
current show:
I've been getting so many questions about how they are made,
and the crazy meticulous process it is...
Hopefully this video will give you a little window into how I create these 16" ladies! _
 I also have tons of process pictures in my past entries / In this blog / of how I make my Minnies,
and customize vinyl...I go into detail, and hope that it helps you with your creations!
So Peek around at my past...

Extra Fun:
Thinking Of Summer...Hula Time Tattoo!
 I don't post commissions all the time, but this one was so much fun - and reminded me of the days I wanted to be a tattoo artist. I also worked with Hard Rock cafĂ© designing waitress, and hard-core rock pins for awhile-- so chances are- if you have a collectible pin from like, 10 years ago- It may be mine! Muwahaha! - I'm everywhere. kind of.

Little 'Doodle' fun:
Well, I got carried away... ;) I was asked by a fellow vinyl artist Evilos to contribute to a very fun doodle series for his vinylmation blind bags.... and here they are! I don't do these that often, and wanted to show some love to the vinyl community for all the support they've given me over the last year.. Thanks guys! - enjoy your finds... all these guys are gone already- sorry!

Lil' "Spook": 
A fun little commission  I recently created - Enjoy your latest Vinyl Don!

Here's to a positive, productive, yet chill n' healthy,
Happy New Year to you all!
(even though it's Feb. -  lil' late...)
I wish you good time with family and friends, taking time out for pancakes on Sundays, unplugged camping trips , and long drives to no where - in a good way....
Keep Integrity alive, challenge the norm, and have fun in your own skin and self!