Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Into the woods...Deer Me

A day running around the hillsides to celebrate a recent commission I just finished for an awesome human being. The owner of hair-less cats and circus toys, skeletons and art from so many people I adore.
It's the day before I'm dropping it off, so naturally - my best friend and I pack up our bags and run into the woods with my first deer custom sculpture. Inspired by circus silliness, bats and being green... I've been in the company of this deer for 2 years. ( yes I'm that bad ) In fact, if you don't goose me, I can wander off and forget about different projects... but it's usually for the better. See, I'm not one to always finish art all at once. I CAN, but don't always want to. Sometimes letting art chill, and be with you awhile, learning about the material and what you can put on it - what jives with the shape - is what my doctor ordered. Our lives have gotten so fast with phones and insta- everything... I feel that it's good to take a chill pill and not be a time let it go.

So basically, Mr. Deer was my guinea pig for much of my Disney & personal work last year. I learned how to vacuform an umbrella from my awesome husband, fail with certain mediums, then succeed finally, learn to use brass to 'peg out' characters so they're solid and don't just fall apart in a year. The green meanie was my helper. So off he goes to his new home. I'm sad but happy to see him go..... but the giant purge that's going on in my life this past 1/2 year -everything needs to flow. Literally - out with the old, in with the new. Hard, but good... you know, we all go through it. Stay gold in your hearts whoever comes across this entry, creating what YOU want and can contribute to this world is so needed... with love and respect.
~ MM

If you aren't familiar with my best friend Brandy Trigueros work, you're in for a treat!
She took this fabulous picture 6/11/2013


Brandy Trigueros said...

You are a special treat and gift to the fairies and all other beautiful creatures. I love you my big-hearted best friend and the love you put into all your wondrous creations. I had a blast photographing you in the woods, it's where we belong. X, Brandy

heather chavez said...

love the wonderful painted deer and you look beautiful in your gown