Monday, February 09, 2009

custom vinyl Toy photos!

SOME Pictures of Toys, toys in progress - being spyed on while making toys, and last but not least, a better picture of the Vinnie I painted for the winter '08 VTN... he was fun--- ahhh escapism! hehe he...
( The top one is the "Disney-Stitch" custom I painted for a 'Mindstyle Toys' traveling group show---)
Just so ya know, there's some really COOL art shows comin' down the pipe this year with The Paper Doll book debuting 'n' all.....
hmmm lets see...........
Wonder-con, Comic-con, and some secret gallery shows to be announced! yay!

again ahhh escapism... maybe that's why I like fantasy stuff so much-- I can just go away from the real world, and make my own--with tea, crumpets, mushroom chairs and pixie parades--- it keeps this walnut of a brain of mine happy --
time to spike my hot chocolate again.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Support the LA Myth-ers!

The LA MYTH art show at Meltdown is this Saturday! be sure to go and support your local nerd lovin' artists! - Sadly, due to a cluster of crapola - I won't have piece in - this year...boooo - BUT! I sure hope to see you there, it'll be fun.