Friday, June 15, 2007

"Glendale Open Studio TOUR"

OK, I know there art shows coming out of everybody's ears... but WE'll have booze and women! - he he he... Yup, us gals are opening our Glendale studio to artisans and crafty ladies who make COOL stuff... we will also have new prints, product and fine art for sale before mine and sissy's jaunt down to comic-con next month.
When is this thing? - Sunday, July 8th, noon - 6pm see above cards for location!
Thanks again everyone, so much, for supporting the arts..... ( you can throw up now)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"Art for a Good Cause at CN"

If you haven't heard about this already - Check it out! I really like how Cindy gets a whole bunch of art folks out to help out. . . It should be a wonderful night, filled to the brim w/ art. Saturday June 30th - 6 -7:30. . . a slim margin for auction madness, arrive early for your favorites! Please see this website for more info, if you'd like to attend or participate!

Monday, June 04, 2007


Yay! Here's DINK ---The Prototypes are ready... ahhhh - I think the Krylon fumes have officially made me sane (oh no!). Anywho - The damn things are in production, so I can show you what's going on at last!
Most people thought I have reclused into a bar, drinking Poor mans black velvets at the Chalet until 2am, (which is occasionally true) or have changed my line of work and became a circus performer, (which is also sometimes true.) But nay, I was making toys, like a good little elf should do. This toys name is "Dink." There is a whole Dink army arriving from China within' the next couple months, and More are on the way. This is my main 8" figure that will be out at comic-con this July, via Level 5 / Mindstyle. Both mine and sissy's toys are up on the VINYL PULSE blog today... so check it out!
:)- mm