Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mucho Crap-ola in December!

Dink hopes you had a good thanksgiving.....

TOY NEWS FLASH! - Looks like there's a slow up at the toy factory for Dink, and also my sisters toy- Maeve. New colorways, and also Our blind box sets will be availibale most likely in March! - uggggh - I know, lots of ya'll wanted 'em for christmas, but due to the new regulations on paints and plastics- we gotta hang tight. I'm really excited about the new colorways - so I'll keep you posted as I find out when they will be coming in. Thanks so much for you patience everbody!

ART Shows i'm in this month:

POP Gallery: Santa Fe "Tales and Toys" thru December - - - -

Wonderful World Art Gallery: culver city "carnival of the strange"
Both mine and my sisters art is on diplay in the gallery & online thru December!
Thanks to all who joined us at The Vinyl Toy Network signing this Sunday.... Here's some photos of the baby tattoo booth with Nutty Uncle Bob Self (Mr. Baby Tattoo) & Ragnar signing away!

ahhhhh... Our Annual Holiday Open Studio, Dec. 8th 5-9pm.
If yer not on my mailing list, (preferable un-psycho) &
would like to join us... please email me for more info!

Many Folks have been wondering what the hell I've been up to, (lack of posts...etc... sorry!) Welp, besides finishing up books, painting and designing toys - I have been working on a show called El Tigre, at Nickelodeon! I got to load up on some new computer skills... "whaaa? you?" - "but you cut wood and have hairy feet" you say... yes indeed, it's been a great time, learned a alot, and I got to work with some awesome peoples (check out my added links!), I just wish the show was granted some more seasons (yukko corporate crap happened.) booo.... I'll have to send the pixies on after them!
Here is my 'lil character from the show that the lovely Sandra Equihua designed! (notice I am as tall as the main KID character in the show.... ha ha ha very funny.)
but Yes, I still am cutting wood in my cave like normal as well... There will plenty more fat pixies and weird underpants ladies, ornaments-etc coming out for the holidays.... So hopefully you'll be able to make it to one of these crazy shows/events that I have plastered above!
good health to you all-

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Feasting Folks!

The Thanksgiving Elf wishes you "Tiny feet and a big REAR this time of year!"

Friday, November 02, 2007

Kokeshi Doll show at Subtext....

Hi Folks! This weekend is The Kokeshi Doll show at SUBTEXT. I hope to see some of ya'll there...My pal Brandy and I will be painting the town some kind of color tomorrow... so we hope to see you San Diego Way! Above is my painted doll for the show.. with her chicken boyfriend -
NEW flickr for all Kokeshi:
Chris(tina) The Curators Blog:
some press!