Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Whisked Away....

Sorry for the non-blog updates-- My Facebook & Twitter seem to be getting more of the love lately.

Surprise! My lil' gal sold in 30 seconds!
Keep an eye out for more customs this year.... same bat place, same bat channel.. hmmm what'll they be?

A Special Thanks to my pal Brandy Trigueros for her excellent Photography skills!
Visit her brand-new site to see what she's up to! CottonCandyCatWalk.com

Finished up an amazing new 'Saddlemate-Spring Rider' for the Super Awesome Couple of Duirwaigh Studios
Angi Sullins & Silas Toball... Wonderful creators of Inspiration!

Here's their Mousey, Zeus-- readying to board Southwest.. bring your Air mask!

Home at Last--- in Lovely Taos... "The Fun House" of Duirwaigh.
I don't think I've ever had art pieces this happy in their new home--- seeing them get there safely was a big load off, and the look on Angi & Silas' faces when the boxes were opened--- was insanely electric.
I needed a cigarette after...

So off to paint a Jalopy and name her Moxie...

-Till my next visit -

drum roll.......

I was chosen to teach a wonderful Artist retreat up in Washington Next April!

What is this cool art thing?

Artfest takes Place at Fort Worden, WA
March 28th - April 1st
It's Workshops, It's a retreat, It awesome artsy-ness- all weekend long!

The workshop I will teach on Sat & Sunday is a full day, 6 hour sessions (with a 90 minute lunch break.) They're designed to provide not only several techniques learned throughout the day but time enough to actually work on what has been learned so that it can sink in and a nice chunk in the middle of the day to renew yourself.

The teachers come from all over the United States, Canada & Australia and represent some of the best in their fields.

See these links for sign up & more information:


I've heard it sells out quite quickly-- so be on yer toes!


And Last but CERTAINLY not least...

My Mom's Huge art show this Saturday!
Please Join us..

June 4 - July 3, 2011
Opening Reception:
June 11, 2011 from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Linda Johnstone Allen & Toros Tngrian will demonstrating various ceramic techniques using a potter's wheel and incorporating slab work, press blocks, mixed media, handbuilding and mask making.

Artist Demonstration
June 26, 2011 from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Love to you..