Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh July.....filled to the gills!

First Things first!
Comic-con Signing: Come and play with me n' the gang at
'The Color Ink Book' ... BOOTH # 5569


12pm – 1pm: Miss Mindy
1pm – 2pm: Luke Chueh
2pm – 3pm:
Brandi Milne

I'll bring my red pencil.

Next Up!
Here's a new show my sister and I are in- A bunch of super artists have painted wooden custom toys inspired by the shape of The Washburn Brothers "Rayola" character... very fun! I hope you'll join us at the opening: WWA gallery- July 29th!

Next Next Up!

Strychnin Gallery
group show
'Etiquette' & Keep a Breast foundation benefit "bust"
Opens August 12th

Fun Up!

My latest Sketch Theatre: inspired by my newest art piece for Europe...
"Mild Mannered"
"Young Ladies should always preserve a modest demeanor in dancing, for it throws around them a halo of light & purity..."
excerpt from : Daisy Eyebrights Manual of Etiquette & good breeding-1884


Book In!
Wow, This volume 1 of sketch theatre is amazing!
I was just blown away by the talent these folks have...
and chock full of 'em too!

Both My husband Rick O'Brien & I are in it! awww...

So stop on by the BabyTattoo Books/Sketch Theatre booth--
new location: booth # 4712

*Who knows, maybe my sweet Ricky-dee and I will be sketchin' away!
(I'll 'tweet' le times---oooh-so modern!)