Friday, August 17, 2007

Toy & Show News.....

Thanks everybody - - -The Limited Edition Pre-Release "DINK" is sold out at 3DRetro..., but is available at Cardboard Spaceship , Munky KING & our current gallery show at the Wind Up Gallery (they had a few in their store.... so, send 'em an email if you wanna nab one!)

ALSO: to answer some ?'s about Dink...
Q: "How the hell does she stand?"
A: She has ball and socket joint wings... so she stands like a tripod. You can also make her fly around - or pull them out and throw them at your little sister.
Q: "When's the color version coming out?"
A: In September I heard, DKE is the distribution company.. and they sell to many of the local toy stores. yay!
Q: "How come I don't see wings on the picture above?"
A: That particular Dink is the resin prototype I painted awhile back...
(She couldn't get her wings yet.. he he he he) - The vinyl you buy in the stores - will include wings like in the picture below.

Q: "What does Dink enjoy the most?"
A: Neil Diamond, John Denver, old reruns of Columbo & watching David Bowies pants in Labyrinth.
Q: "What doesn't she like?... so I don't get beat up by my new Pixie."
A: Wet party hats, fake Cheetos and complicated eating schedules.

Here's some cool press from the shows Me and Sis are in right now....
JUXTAPOZ PRESS for The WIND up Gallery Show
LA WEEKLY PRESS for the LA MYTH Show at Meltdown
KID ROBOT - a cool discussion about Mine & Sissy's Kustom vinyls!

TITLE: Gretchen's - - - - - -for LA MYTH show @ Meltdown
WHY? - What Mythical creature has the power to make all the Hollywood women look the same?
hmmmm.... why Gretchen's Tummy Tuk and JUG Implant emporium- of course!

:)mm - have a nice day.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Travel time w/ DINK! & Bran spankin' new SHOWS!

Dink enjoyed her Journey to Arizona this last weekend.... We stopped at the dinosaurs, and the General Patton museum - (she really liked the tanks.) The Wind UP Gallery show went great - Thanks so much to the owners - Anthony and Lindsay, we felt welcome in Mesa! Check out the show here, if ya don't go on the Arizona trek! (click on current shows...)

Meltodown Reception Pictures: Check 'em out!

Me and my sis... and not to mention a load of other great folks - are in this show this Saturday, 8pm - at Meltdown in Hollwood! - see LAMYTH for more info! Thanks for the invite Aaron!