Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Travel time w/ DINK! & Bran spankin' new SHOWS!

Dink enjoyed her Journey to Arizona this last weekend.... We stopped at the dinosaurs, and the General Patton museum - (she really liked the tanks.) The Wind UP Gallery show went great - Thanks so much to the owners - Anthony and Lindsay, we felt welcome in Mesa! Check out the show here, if ya don't go on the Arizona trek! (click on current shows...)

Meltodown Reception Pictures: Check 'em out!

Me and my sis... and not to mention a load of other great folks - are in this show this Saturday, 8pm - at Meltdown in Hollwood! - see LAMYTH for more info! Thanks for the invite Aaron!



wolfboy said...

Wow; your whole set up is so beautiful, Mindy. Amazing and truly, truly inspiring.

Chris Battle said...

That Dink is a sassy little rule-breaker.


FanBabe said...

Hi Hi

Great meeting you again in San Diego. I love your art and I am so totally using your card holder at work. Thanks for everything and I wish you the best! - Jenna
from Spacedog Entertainment.

Anonymous said...

hey mindy its ryan ito! just wanted to say! hope all is well!! hope comicon went well for you!!!