Tuesday, October 17, 2006

'Mindy's Munny'

My own Munny.... I've always wanted to paint one of these damn lil' guys... & finally, in the middle of the night, This green thing came to fruition.... ran into the yard, and stayed out there all night! I managed to take a couple snap shots of 'im in the morning - cuz once I put out the milk and honey... it came out for breakfast.

Friday, October 06, 2006

"Whole Lotta Art goin' On.."

Hello Everybody - hope life's treating all you ok... many of the folks i know have been insanely nuts with with work - which is good and bad... all at the same time - ANYWHO...
What the hell have I been up to? Welp, I am an elf, and since christmas is in a few months... I have been busy creating art at my home studio for a BUNCH of projects which will be released next year, hurray!.... - Up above is one of 'em - a Billie Holiday woodcut, done for the Level 5 group - I'll let you know when the tribute CD is out, cuz it will have a sheets like this inside, created by other artists in the group as well... like Mizna Lens, BuffMonster... etc.... very cool project to have worked on...