Monday, December 25, 2006

"Merry Christmas & a positive New Year"

Van Eaton Galleries and Baby Tattoo Books ....had a holiday party, and this was a poster I did for them! I betcha they'll have a few left after the holidays-
So drop on by Van Eaton's! - - - Welp, I better get back to watching A Christmas Story for the 1,000th time....
see you in th new year!

Monday, December 18, 2006

"Have a Good one!"

Chuck a huge snowball at you cuz, and eat lotz o' cheese 'n' nuts.....the big fat man is comin' to town! I hope you all wrote yer letters and have been very good girls and boys - because Santa can see when you're lookin' at dirty stuff on the internet! Thank you U tube! - now I won't be getting my new saw blades for Christmas.... These ornaments are for all you bloggin' fools - who stop by from time to time... click on it and i think they'll be big enough for a nice charlie brown tree.
Happy Holidays (all 5,000 of 'em)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"Artsist Sisters - Holiday Art Show!"

Hey Everyone! - ya'll are invited to a Holiday Arts Show Bash! - It is our end of the year
Deal... so please join us!

Friday Dec, 15th 6-11pm
604 A south Chevy Chase Drive
Glendale, CA, 91205
rsvp: 818.242.4303

Monday, December 04, 2006

"Hoilday Shenanigans"

I know, I look kind like a drag queen... by hey, the kiddies liked it! - some of the munchkins at the parade asked how santa was doing, and If they'd be getting anything for xmas. . . . . . and I said -no. he he he.... naw, really, just gimme 5 bucks kid, and it's all good! Merry Christmas! - he he, what fun parades are! Congrats to my mom Linda... she got an award!

Rick and I now have a resident knome that lives with us, named Mr. Mecithep Fognun (long story) - he drinks way to much, and keeps us up at night, but we love him anyway - he even let me decorate his door for the holidays...., thanks man -

Lastly but not leastly - I did a lil' ornament fairy - I've done about 5 now.... they free me up for the big honkin' paintings I've been yankin' outta my head lately. My sis and I are getting ready for our show on the 15th, and thank everyone so much for supporting us over the weekend. . . Seasons Greetings everyone! and be very careful if you go to any malls (especially if yer short..) -mm

Monday, November 27, 2006

Art Show Bonanza!

There's that word again.... sing this part...da na na na, na na na, na na na.... BONANZA! Art shows...yes sir Art shows ... they are everywhere. . .
Quick! kill it before it spreads! - he he he
Thanks to everyone who's come and paid me and sisterpants a visit...

Event Update:
Cactus Gallery in Dec, Tiny Art show
Cultural Center Holiday Thingie Sat. Dec. 2nd original artwork, and fun stuff for sale. . .
Northeast LA Christmas Parade. I will be an Elf.
'Artist SISTERS' show Dec. 15th 7-11pm *invite will be posted asap!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

'Happy Thanksgiving & Nucleus Co-Lab'

Hey Everybody.... Have a Happy Thanksgiving! and keep a lookout for those lovely cell phone towers on the way (the ones that look like pine trees... those are my favorite.)-Also, here's the skinny on another event my sister and I are apart of! Nucleus Co-Lab November 25 Saturday, 1:00pm - 7:00pm There will be lots of artistic crapola for every kind of human at this event - I hope to see you!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

'Open Studio Tour'

This is a very cool tour of a bunch of artists studios in the Northeast LA area... My Sister CJ Metzger, Rick O'Brien, mom - Linda Johnstone Allen & Moi - are excited to be apart of it this year.... we hope you can make it! see the following link for ticketing information -

Thursday, November 02, 2006

"Day of the Dead"

This piece is dedicated to all the people we miss...

(ya'll were sweet for not schooling me on my wrong spelling before....
ahhhh 'i 'before 'e' except after 'c'.... never learned the rest of that rhyme in public school-)
Have a nice day.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

'Mindy's Munny'

My own Munny.... I've always wanted to paint one of these damn lil' guys... & finally, in the middle of the night, This green thing came to fruition.... ran into the yard, and stayed out there all night! I managed to take a couple snap shots of 'im in the morning - cuz once I put out the milk and honey... it came out for breakfast.

Friday, October 06, 2006

"Whole Lotta Art goin' On.."

Hello Everybody - hope life's treating all you ok... many of the folks i know have been insanely nuts with with work - which is good and bad... all at the same time - ANYWHO...
What the hell have I been up to? Welp, I am an elf, and since christmas is in a few months... I have been busy creating art at my home studio for a BUNCH of projects which will be released next year, hurray!.... - Up above is one of 'em - a Billie Holiday woodcut, done for the Level 5 group - I'll let you know when the tribute CD is out, cuz it will have a sheets like this inside, created by other artists in the group as well... like Mizna Lens, BuffMonster... etc.... very cool project to have worked on...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

'Tina the Turnip'

Vegetables are fun. Hell - so's fruit, but this is an elf/turnip that lives in a fruit - ahhh,
what if we could draw our friends? - would I eat this friend? no, I don't like turnips too much - so that ends that.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

'Artist Sisters at The Hear Gallery'

OkeeDoke. here's a nutty fun Group Show my sis and I have been in for the last couple weeks. The Hear Gallery is a very cool place to hang out with friends 'till the weeee hours... Franko always have somethin' going on there every weekend, like Bands, Booze, fashion shows, and Art. So take a peek from time to time - and tell him Miss Mindy sent ya!
click here for more info > the Hear Gallery

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

'Black Mail'

Zack and Abraham deserve an entry all thier own.... this is a photo that got to me a little late in the game - but ahhhhh such great outfits boys! They wanted to be 'cheerios' for this years comic convention, and i was so glad my friends were there to support me...."sniff"- yes sir, they do it up right - don't they? (that's my sisters husband in the middle... hmmmmm)

Friday, August 25, 2006

"Mighty Big Dancer"

OK - here's a woodcut finally! She is cut Illustration board, and the curtain is velvet - the little fat guy is cut board as well- This "lil" Lady was one of my first experiments using both wood & paper- very fun to do.... and yes sireeee.. she'll be in the book!

NEW NEWS! my sister and I both recently were asked to join the Level 5 group of artists - and are currently working on toys, and special art projects - hurray! so I'll keep ya'll posted about all the nutty stuffs that going on!

Arts Show Saturday- Just a reminder, that my sis, Rick and I with have peices in the cannibal flower 6th anniversary art show this Sat. night in Downtown (see side links) - so come on out to see all the art farts - fart on art, paint themselves, walk around & drink too much... ha ha ha, It's always a goodtime-

- Thanks fer stoppin' by and hope ya'll are well!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

'Bizarro Super Heros'

Best Wishes to our friends... Dave and Paloma - This photo was taken at their movin' away party - where everyone came as silly-ass super people... very fun! Good luck with all yer art doin's up North guys! -mm

Friday, August 11, 2006

'Comic-Con 2006!'

Hi Folks!... Thanks for such a great convention! -so sorry for the lack of posts, bad me. Here's some photos.. one of our booth filled to the brim with art, a thank you note head, Miss Brandy- hangin' with a Gnome in this years tee-shirt... A BIG FAT YAY! and of course, Le Blurry Sisters avec Art-ius American-us...
As for Art Shows: we will be in this months Cannibal Flower,
and in a show at The Hear Gallery next month....
Thanks again to all our friends, collectors and new contacts... we're lookin' forward to doing some cool stuff this year!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

'Attention all Nerds!'

Yes Indeed... It's that time of year again! My oh my how the time flies by - My sister CJ Metzger and I are high-tailin' it outta dodge, and going to San Diego once again! We have tons of new original art pieces, sneek peeks at illustrations from our books, and new lil' trinkets too!
Thanks everyone for your support over the years so we could come this far... We've had so many great projects to work on, and met so many new folks & look forward to whatever crazy art projects pop up around the corner -

> above: The two woodcuts are from the Baby Tattoo Books Catalog - which I designed this year...
The photo collage is a bunch of us geekin' out last year... & at the top is an invite for you! > Please come and see us in the Fantasy Illustrators section at booth #4717 at this years International Comic-Con July 19th-23rd!

Friday, July 07, 2006

"Open Studio Tour"

This Sunday, my Mom, Sister CJ, Ricky dee & me will be apart of the open studio tour in Glendale... so we all hope to see you! - We will have our crazy 'ol studio open for all the people to come and peep at us and see how messy we are! (actually we clean up quite nicely when we have enough coffee...)

To view formatted version of this announcement online & for maps of the tour, please visit:

Thursday, July 06, 2006

'Fairy Circus'

I was lucky enough... to be able to sneak a photo of this rare circus sighting in the woods.... thank god for my camouflage pine cone suit.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

"A Lion for Sherry"

A dear lady in my life has passed on - & this painted lion is for that beautiful red-headed
woman in the sky.... we'll miss you so much -

"Darth Me"

Ok - Now this is as nerdy as I can get... Let me explain - My mom's friend, who she knows through a community groups son was throwing a Star Wars wedding... so of course -
I had to go as Darth Vader... I have the build, the mannerisms... the bad acting - It was a good time. So in honor of the great Comic-Con coming up, I thought this would be great time join my fellow nerds - and plaster this on my blog.... I'll post my booth number and alla that info next week! -mm

Friday, June 09, 2006

"Art for Nucleus"

Halo ya'll, here's some little paper and wooden goodies ready to go to a show....
The first one is called, "Flowers come out of my Butt" & the 2nd art is named, "Tootin' on the moon." - In the middle, there is an invite to any and all folks who'd like to come and enjoy the Nucleus Power in Numbers show, Saturday June 17th from 7 to 11pm. Please check out my side links for the Nucleus Gallery website for more info - Hope to see you!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

'Great Show!"

WOW! Whatta cool show..... It was great to see Cosmo show alla his films down at the Derby
last night... & Seein' the Ditty Bops sing is always inspires me. The place had such a good feeling, so many pals came down and had some fun.
I did the top peice, "Where the blue grass Grows" for last years "Girl Show" at Nucleus....

Next up is the Ditty Bops new CD, which is out now... so go 'n' get one! There's some grrrrreat
songs for yer ears.
and below that (geees...) is Cosmo's new DVD of his films.... I'll post if he's got a show coming up - it's real fun to sit on the floor and watch the Zombies go by to some eerie music which he and F-stop play live....

A buncha animation art folks were in the zombie movie, including myself, Howie, Matt Danner, Ciro Nelli and a mound of others (check my archives for spooky pictures, if ya didn't see 'em already!) -mm

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

'For my Mind'

I'm fighting with my artwork again.... sometimes we love eachother, and other times I want to kick it's ass. Sometimes I do Ink sketches to clear up my head, just to doodle out and Idea or concept of what the problem is - seems to help the creative juices. I tend to feel tied to different media, so that's what this one is about. I thinks that's why I decided to do mixed media works.... because it makes my hand do something different, something it's not so comfortable doing, yet it feels right. I have so much to show you guys, (woodcut/paper wise) but It's top secret right now.... Boooooo!!! But will soon enough! I've been doing a couple wood/paper pieces for the Nucleus Gallery as well, and will post those when their done....

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

'Wooden Birthday Family'

Yay! It's me berfday... and I got an awesome little wooden family in the mail from my great friend Courtney, Thanks soooo much! I know yer in Europe, so I hope you are having a wonderful time! Have a nice day everybody - go ahead, smile at a stranger... I always manage to freak people out in LA by doing that. It's great. -mm

Monday, May 15, 2006

'Fanny the Fairy'

Here's a little sketch I did while looking at the fairies in my yard...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

'Mindies' & 'Ringmaster'

Here's a couple Ink sketches... The top one is of Mindy Lee and I... ( for any of ya'll that worked with us, you know she really does have a cleaver!) he he - and lastly an Inky RingMaster lass.