Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Red Queen & White Rabbit - Final pics & process...

The Red Queen: 1500$ sold
The White Rabbit: 2,000$ sold


Ok! Now that my migraine is over...
Here's my Final toy turns!
I'm really happy with how they came out, and all the hard work I put into them really paid off...
Thank you to everyone for saying such great things about the pieces!

Here's a fun article from Tomopop I came across about them.

-Thank you for the love!-


Here's a tad about the process of making these lil' suckers...

The Vinylmation toys they sent me...
Chop chop! -magic sculpt to the rescue....

Cut brass for her staff & sculpting the crown....
(Most of the pieces on both the rabbit & the Queen were sculpted by hand)

Time to spray 'er down...why hello Radio!

-n' paintin' bonanza...

Placing the cards is like building a pirate ship in a bottle!

Yes...! The light works...

The Queen gives her wink of approval...

A Huge Thank you to Jo, her new mom.
(you out there Jo? drop me a line! I need to sign the bottom for you when I visit-I was so tired from my all-nighter my mooshy brain forgot!

wish I had more process pics, but here's a few-

ready to Flock.

Thanks to Stephen Chiodo who taught me to "flock" ;)

and to my husband- and crazy good artist/miniature & mad scientist extrodinaire who engineered the bunny's insides!

I sculpted Alice the size of the tip of my pinky...geees.

And here we have a headless bunny. Yep! Rick put his lighting switch in his head.
(!! To whom bought him.. we have extra batteries for you, email me so I can send them to you! :) work work...

4am Sat. morning... Finito!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Miss Mindy's Wonderland at Disney's D23....

I'm excited to be apart of the
D23 Event -at The Anaheim Convention Center
this Weekend!!
My latest Disney Vinylmation custom will be on Display at the Vinylmation booth.

I'll be there from 11am on. . . .Saturday the 20th

I'll be doing a big post about the process to make these two next week...
They are the most complex art toys I've ever made!
A Huge thank you to my husband Rick O'Brien for engineering the gears on the White Rabbit,
The amount of miniature gear work- and tiny painted pieces, sculpting, & experimentation- was such an incredible challenge.. but I learned tons!

Keep an eye out for more Miss Mindy Vinlymation 'One of a Kinds'...
Room for one More - Haunted Florida.