Sunday, September 30, 2012

Travel - Viaggiare - Voyager - Reisen

Going with the Flow....
And that we did - After pushing our trip due to work n' life's little surprises, with no room reservations or train tickets, just a loose plan and some Radiohead tickets we happened on 2 days before we left....We were ready to go! ----Kind of. ;)

It was so awesome, I honestly have culture shock right now -
Our bathrooms are insanely huge here.

We traveled from Rome to Orvieto to Florence to Lucca, Milan to Switzerland through France and on to England. I'll never forget this trip as long as I live. Watching- Listening to Radiohead play in an old Roman Rock Quarry was magical. I want to milk cows in Switzerland and dye my hair blonde.  - - -Beer is always good in the morning. - - -When It smells of pee, don't eat there... and so many other handy dandy European tips for Travel I learned backpacking through fabulous-ness.

Since I am a mutt, and a distinctive blend of Irish, French, Dutch, Cherokee Indian and Honkey - Europe was just like home.... The Italians we're so chill and crazy, You can drink on trains and cut cheese whenever you want. There's history on every corner, and people that speak really loud to you in Italian thinking you'll understand better if they vocalize. hmmm. scusi, poco Italiano.

Heading on up to Switzerland was a different story, where they speak French and German - a sort of Spanglish -so, um Freman.derk. I'm better at French than Italian, so it was easy to ask where the Chinese food restaurants were. Seriously! We stumbled upon the town of Leysin, where there are students from every corner of the globe. Thank you Radiohead for the adventure. We were 4 miles up a mountain- and no way to get home from the concert, until a fabulous German man picked us up in his Audi who worked in the medical industry. hmm.

We didn't want to leave Switzerland. Infact I think I could live there if the exchange rate wasn't so punky. They pour Coca cola into wine glasses, It was hard on Rick.. ;)

But we were off just the same- to England, the a pleasant surprise-- Rick and I hadn't been there in years, and may god it's amazing - London was a blast. They've built so many wonderful structures and taken care of the old. The Thames boardwalk had carnivals and people drinking at pubs everywhere. British peeps were running along the boardwalk, lookin' all fit. It was the first time in England I felt gluttonous for having fish and chips and greasy meat. Bristol was soooo great-hanging out with our new friend Lampie, Thank you for the hospitality, and the best pub dinner on the trip! n' Merci Lola Gil for introducing us to yer hunny bunny.

We tubed it to Heathrow, and weren't' ready to leave. The plane must have known - as we had a big delay and some bad weather was creeping in. We flew home watching a marathon films on our little chair TV's - I swear it looked like we were all being programmed. well, we were. ;) Me with Breakfast at Tiffany's, Brave, and Dinner for Shumucks. It's funny - This was the fist time we got to see the movie, and Rick created many of the Mouseland elements. We're so bad- we rarely watch our handy work in films -unless it's right in our faces. ;)

So yes indeed, this is a snip-et of a Journal of a 3 week trip in the Life of Miss Mindy and her sweetheart man pants, Ricky-Dee.

I was sad to have missed a signing at Disneyland, and the release of a few more creations, but knew I would never leave town because I am an art-oholic. Owning my own business can be trying, as you're always working - even when It's what you love to do! So time off to enjoy, and go seek out where you'd like to show next is a must. I'm looking forward to some fabulous shows over seas and here in the States, and so happy for all the friends we made on the trip. Here's to another go in the future - sooner than later.


Ps. Next Post - stay tuned for more Disney News!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Away across the Sea, but new Art left behind...

Off I go to distant lands my friends,
some much needed R & R,  inspiration and new sights for my wee eyes...But oh Yes,
I leave behind some fabulous new creations that I can't say yet - but will be released whilst I'm away!
Sooo Keep your peepers open for:

Mickeys' Circus / Epcot Center Florida


The Wonderground Gallery
in Downtown Disney
I'll be posting my travels, and these brand new releases via facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
I poured my little heart into them and hope you enjoy my latest releases!
Stay Tuned!