Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Books,Toys, & Shows...."

Here's some recent projects I've been finishing up... The top lil' art peices are for a extreme-o limited edition book set of 12- which are recessed onto clam-shell boxes (It looks pretty neat-o cuz all the fabrics are different colors, and some even have the texture of my granpas old pants!) Then there's the Wooden box, limited edition sets.. pictured at top - which have an artist sisters logo burned into it! - - - -THEN, there's a limited edition where I put my grandma in the box, and she makes you cookies and then reads the goddam things to you! he he... I'm just kidding, about the wooden set. that's ridiculous.
Anyway, The bottom that there are limited edition sets availiable at gallery revisited.
My sister and I will have regular book sets availiable at comic-con this year. . . and (I'm so sorry for the confusion) The basic book set can be bought online in August (That's our distributor release time as far as we know.)
Lots of the crap we've been working on - will be at comic-con. . . Our Level 5 toy sets, my 2 new pixie dolls ,and our books.... If you can't find me, I'll be under the table drinking Bushmills!
Also... My sister and I will be in a show in Arizona - this coming August with Lesley Reppeteaux & Shaunna Peterson. August 4th is the reception... if any of ya'll want to go and check out a neat new gallery called THE WIND-UP Gallery, we'll keep you informed!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

'Bad Music'

This weekend is a silly-fun show... at American Electric Tattoo -about 'Bad Music' - I've got a piece in the show (above, 'The Bad Music Nymph'), and am real excited to show at this parlour... Firstly and lastly, cuz an old pal of mine Dominic Di Julio works there and invited me to be apart of it! His art is so nutty good, and the guys that work at the shop are a talented bunch ( no erasers folks! my oh my whatta steady hand)... so if you feel like getting a tattoo this weekend - you may wanna come before the artists start drinking - - -
Before you visit the group show... don't forget to go to Gallery Revisited down the Street. It closes at 6pm.....Mine and my sisters show is still up until the 5th of May - so, those of you who didn't make it, and are sick and tired of me bringing up the damn show - Go and see it or you can just go online and check it out -and call me and say... "Oh yes, There are dolls in your show... I really enjoyed the dolls.. and that other doll... But I didn't like that doll."
Gallery Revisited is open Wed – Sun 12 noon – 6pm + by appt. Closed Monday & Tuesday.
(626) 253-5266

Monday, April 09, 2007

NBC VIDEO Blurb & press about our Show....

Wow! TV man - Here's a blurb about the art show that aired on Monday afternoon, and it was nice and positive.. no tomato throwin' or nuttin'. . . . That's next week! - - -he he he - Take a peek when you get a chance, it's very Artsy Fartsy and makes us sound very deep, dude whaaaaaa. . . It's a tad shakey, so get some aspirin & Enjoy!

Just in! Our friends at Bored INC. got some great press on thier vinyl sticker art business in
LA CITY BEAT, which my sister and I do art for! congratulations ladies! - they'll be at this years comic con in San Diego, so look 'em up in my links for some fun art!

Also in: A nice blurb about our art show in DVisible ,

AND FlavorPill had a nice bit to say....

and The PCC Courier ...

Thank you! :)mm

Friday, April 06, 2007

"Art Show to be on TV!"

YeeeHaw! - a TV blurb! - It will be on this coming Monday, April 9th, channel 4, at 3pm. I'm not quite sure what Mr. TV is going to say, but remember, the tube never lies! - he he he.... anyway, Here's a couple more photos of 'Miette' and 'Penny Star Jr.' at the Arts show - photos courtesy of Carla Russing.
Also, Life Drawing at The Drawing Club is the best! - I went last night, and they have themed costumed models - music, movies - while you draw! - check it out. . . .
:) mm