Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Books,Toys, & Shows...."

Here's some recent projects I've been finishing up... The top lil' art peices are for a extreme-o limited edition book set of 12- which are recessed onto clam-shell boxes (It looks pretty neat-o cuz all the fabrics are different colors, and some even have the texture of my granpas old pants!) Then there's the Wooden box, limited edition sets.. pictured at top - which have an artist sisters logo burned into it! - - - -THEN, there's a limited edition where I put my grandma in the box, and she makes you cookies and then reads the goddam things to you! he he... I'm just kidding, about the wooden set. that's ridiculous.
Anyway, The bottom that there are limited edition sets availiable at gallery revisited.
My sister and I will have regular book sets availiable at comic-con this year. . . and (I'm so sorry for the confusion) The basic book set can be bought online in August (That's our distributor release time as far as we know.)
Lots of the crap we've been working on - will be at comic-con. . . Our Level 5 toy sets, my 2 new pixie dolls ,and our books.... If you can't find me, I'll be under the table drinking Bushmills!
Also... My sister and I will be in a show in Arizona - this coming August with Lesley Reppeteaux & Shaunna Peterson. August 4th is the reception... if any of ya'll want to go and check out a neat new gallery called THE WIND-UP Gallery, we'll keep you informed!


RedDiabla said...

Uhm, WOW, you're prolific in a very good way! Awesome work!

potato farm girl said...

Toys! And better yet Miss Mindy toys! I will adopt one soon! I am back at CN now, you should come visit! :D

Alina Chau said...

awesome collections of artworks!! The sculpture is so cool!

Chris Battle said...

Miss Mindy VINYL?????


Miss Mindy said...

Yep! a vinyl toy! - There will be two of the lil' fairy devils out at this years comic-convention- crazy huh? I also wanna do one out of recycled materials... the wheels are turning... hmmmmmm...