Monday, December 21, 2009


Here's hoping you have a very Merry Christmas- Happy Holidays & a good Darn-tootin' New Year! Thanks for looking...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dr. Sketchy's this Sunday!

Dr. Sketchy’s Los Angeles Session 013
This special drawing event will be a holiday party held at the private residence of artists (us chickens) Rick O’Brien and Miss Mindy on Sunday, December 20, 2009.

Festivities will begin at 6:00 PM, and will continue until everyone goes home.
There will be cupcakes & booze (arrive early for best selection!) This is going to be a fun and magical event with great models, good company, fire pits, naked people in trees & a life-size mushroom house!

- Drawing and other goings-on will be outdoors,
so dress appropriately for whatever Southern California weather the night of December 20 brings!
note: Bring your own art supplies & modify your set-up for drawing outside- -blankets available. BYO-'sit-upon' if yer picky. ______________________________________

Membership is $10 in advance via PayPal, click here:
or $12 at the door. The age requirement for this session is 18+.

If you would like to become a year-round member of Dr. Sketchy’s Los Angeles, with guaranteed admission to all regularly scheduled sessions between now and the end of 2010, click here for details.

Thanks so much & we hope to see you Sunday!
much LOVE-& have Happy Christmas/Holiday!
Miss Mindy & Rick O'Brien

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Jose Vera Gallery this Sat. & ___________Hosting a Sketchy Christmas...

Jose Vera Gallery - Family Show this Saturday

Back to our roots. We are proud to display some of my late-grandfathers art & Illustrations from the 30's-4o's, my mothers most recent ceramic masks- fresh out of the kiln, and a few new ones from myself and my sister.

"Altars and Icons"

Saturday Dec 12th


2012 Colorado Blvd.

Eagle Rock Ca 90041

Gallery Hours: weds-sun 11am-6pm

-our show will be up until mid-January,

and they will be stocking all of our prints, books, and original art for the holidays! - We hope you'll stop on in and say hello--It's great place- filled to the brim with Antiques, art and unusual finds...


____________In Progress Goddess painting....

_________"Magdalene" - for Jose Vera Gallery, Eagle Rock.

Drawn at Dr. Sketchy's LA - - - -
----Which brings me to the next event!- a very fun and unusual one....


Sketchy Christmas -hosted by Rick & Miss Mindy O'Brien

Presale "tickets" have gone on sale -$10

The 13th Dr. Sketchy's saucy 'life drawing' event will be held at our home/studio,

Sunday Dec. 20th

Our Place is a crazy elf land- complete with a mushroom house--
It will be adorned with Christmas Decor, libations & wonderful live models for us artists to enjoy!

note: Wear warm clothes, and modify your art set-up for drawing outside- -blankets available. BYO-'sit-upon' if yer picky. Holiday fun to ensue!

We hope to see you. Please sign up early, we may sell out!

Happy Holidays everybody....
love, Miss Mindy

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Designer Con wrap up...

This years -Fresh new Designer-Con in Pasadena was awesome!

I look forward to participating more next year. Perhaps live paintings... hmmm.

This time it was fun wearing Mr. comfy Beanie, signing some books, and peeking around at booths... in the process, a cool art project approached the Baby Tattoo Books booth from a chap named Linh. Wish I had this Idea! He got some great drawings from Dave Pressler, Greg Simkins, Ragnar, Christopher Lee and many more... hmmm I gotta get better at asking people to sign my sketchbook, so far I've got a Brandi Milne/Bob Dob combo, and a Tim Biskup! not too shabby eh? oh my- I must attack more artists.
Dave Pressler .YES!
Greg Simkins
Chris Lee --- and look! there's the cutie Kristine---
his sweet lady - whom I worked with on The Mighty B! --
Mr. Ragnar - such a doll, I love 'im. I wanted to steal a sketch of his.
And whos this bum...Geee, I'm drawing---Have a good thanksgiving! ---
-love mm

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Designer Con Book Signing & Arroyo Arts Tour...

Hey Guys.. This weekend is a double header !
( aww, my first sports-type reference....sorry)

This weekend is Designer Con --
formerly known as The Vinyl Toy Network

I did a huge custom 'uncle' Vinnie for 'em last year,
and this year it's Yoka's turn!
Say hi to my piece---Sandy, as she sadly goes for a swim.
DKE put together quite a show of about 100 artists..My sister, CJ Metzger, Buff Monster, Anthony Ausgang, and MANY more will be on display...come see what the 'Yok' is up! ha hah..

I'll be signing at the Baby Tattoo booth
from 11am to noon ish
- Nov.21st
...I have some special holiday stuffs I'm bringin' with me - so don't be shy and stop by!


Rick O'Brien update! -- later Saturday Evening... join us at:

M Modern in Palm Springs this weekend - Nov 21st -7pm
"Broken promise of the flying car"

My sweet man Rick will be in a group show with such artists as:
SHAG, The Pizz, Chris Reccardi, and many more.

-----We'll both be there and I hope you can join us....

And don't forget! Sunday Nov 22nd is a HUGE gigantic open studio
for the entire North East LA area!....................................
Please see:
The Arroyo Arts Collective Discovery Tour for more info!

- Rick and I will be 'a stop' on the tour-- My mom Linda is gracing us with her amazing ceramic mask creations, whilst Rick and I work on art for upcoming shows... come and watch us work and see how boring we are... yay!

Much love and health to you all,
someone dear to me is very sick-- you must eat your vegetables everyone...Steam that Broccoli!


Friday, November 13, 2009

BabyTattooville painting el Prize-o!

So-- Remember all that wooden Nickel Jabber that I was carrying on about in October? Welp, those were made as tokens to win this piece of art at Baby Tattooville! Miss Katie Crabb won the lil' Darlin'- and picked 'er up at my home studio-- I'm so glad my new painting has a good home.
I wanted to give it a lil' something special for the winner -- I bet she's tired of the whole "Crabb" thing but hell, my brain wanted a lil' crabby at the top.... arn't we all a little crabby at the top? - or bottom? uh-nevermind. Have a good weekend!


Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween kiddies!

Thank you to all the peeps that came out to the gallery 50 show! - It was such a fun night... Rick and I almost drove into a bunch of bicyclists/day of the dead parade- that was making it's rounds around the neighborhood!-- sorry, I didn't get a picture....

and here's to Mr. Bill... always ready to go.

Below is an AMAZING gallery in Highland Park we went to after the show - The Mor York Gallery 4959 York Boulevard--
Take yourself out for a treat and see this space, if you collect old vintage stuff like I do-- you'll be amazed at what they do with it! - It's only open on Nela art nights. see this link for info!
This gallery had everything from vintage doll displays to carnival collections... My photos don't do it justice--- there is SO much to see and be inspired by!

.... and here's a detail of the painting I have at Ave. 50 gallery.yeah I know, cheezeball. he he.

I'll leave you this 'ol hallows eve with a picture of my eyepatch for
"The Benefit of Mister Fred" in New Orleans.
"PROJECT EYEPATCH - Saturday, November 7th , 7-10pm.
Where: BANKS STREET BAR, New Orleans

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:
Good luck to my artist pal P.H. Fred and his good eye!
I hope this Fundraiser knocks his socks off!
:)have a good one! -mm

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Avenue 50 Gallery Show

My sister and I are a part of a group show this weekend @
Avenue 50 Gallery / Studios --
Light Hearted and Satirical
Saturday, October 10 , 2009
starting at 7 p.m.
131 N. Avenue 50Highland Park
323 258 1435

Sister Christian is out of town, so you just got me goin' - sorry folks!
-I hope to see you . ( and sorry about the ghetto photo! the art was mid- way done..)


BabyTattooville 2009 was insanely fun..
Here's all us artist's with our 'Art Jam' painting Sat. night: James Gurney, Michael Hussar, Audrey Kawasaki, Travis Louie, Elizabeth McGrath, (moi) Miss Mindy, Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez, KRK Ryden, Greg "Craola" Simkins, Yoskay Yamamoto, Buff Monster and The Lovely Miss Molly Crabapple.

--- It was so nice to meet all the artists...not to mention work along side each other. To hang out with the attendees was so very cool.. I've never met so many people so incredibly psyched about art - thank you for making me feel welcome.
Yes My Wooden Nickels actually got done before the guests arrived on Friday...
I was happy & exhausted! Watching them pick out their "Loot Bag" was my favorite part -- I got to see most of the folks open their bags and pull out their handmade sucker- and then Nickel. Their faces were like Christmas.

Below are two of the cards from our "Duets" evening... -- artists draw on these special cards 50/50 courtesy of arrested motion. These two were me, Buff Monster and Yoskay...

Sucker Madness.... This is how I made the Custom sucker gift for the attendees of Baby Tattooville -First the sculpt.... (I used super sculpey)

Then cook up the secret formula... ( sugar sugar sugar sugar diabetes sugar)

-don't forget to place your tripod on your stove with a large twist-tie attached to your candy thermometer to achieve the right temperature! ( Our pan was too shallow, so I had to get creative.. ha ha)
pour le gooooo... into le fairy face....(after you make the mold of course-- 'Sill-Putty' works awesome.)

and waaa--- la! The custom candy shop -- enough sugar to make you crazy! Thank you Rick for helping me with the assembly line. I owe you the biggest Guinness ever. 0r three.

Below are some sketches I did for the attendees..... _______________________________________________

And lastly and certainly not least... out lovely room at The Mission Inn!

Who does this to toilet paper- really? - they do. You know it --I kept it, and will wear it in my hair to some artsy fart-y thing.

Thank you to my sweet man Ricky-Dee, without you I would have gone insane...

and to Bob Self, for publishing my books and supporting my art habbit. Thank you.
Here's some press about the event: