Thursday, November 19, 2009

Designer Con Book Signing & Arroyo Arts Tour...

Hey Guys.. This weekend is a double header !
( aww, my first sports-type reference....sorry)

This weekend is Designer Con --
formerly known as The Vinyl Toy Network

I did a huge custom 'uncle' Vinnie for 'em last year,
and this year it's Yoka's turn!
Say hi to my piece---Sandy, as she sadly goes for a swim.
DKE put together quite a show of about 100 artists..My sister, CJ Metzger, Buff Monster, Anthony Ausgang, and MANY more will be on display...come see what the 'Yok' is up! ha hah..

I'll be signing at the Baby Tattoo booth
from 11am to noon ish
- Nov.21st
...I have some special holiday stuffs I'm bringin' with me - so don't be shy and stop by!


Rick O'Brien update! -- later Saturday Evening... join us at:

M Modern in Palm Springs this weekend - Nov 21st -7pm
"Broken promise of the flying car"

My sweet man Rick will be in a group show with such artists as:
SHAG, The Pizz, Chris Reccardi, and many more.

-----We'll both be there and I hope you can join us....

And don't forget! Sunday Nov 22nd is a HUGE gigantic open studio
for the entire North East LA area!....................................
Please see:
The Arroyo Arts Collective Discovery Tour for more info!

- Rick and I will be 'a stop' on the tour-- My mom Linda is gracing us with her amazing ceramic mask creations, whilst Rick and I work on art for upcoming shows... come and watch us work and see how boring we are... yay!

Much love and health to you all,
someone dear to me is very sick-- you must eat your vegetables everyone...Steam that Broccoli!