Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Designer Con wrap up...

This years -Fresh new Designer-Con in Pasadena was awesome!

I look forward to participating more next year. Perhaps live paintings... hmmm.

This time it was fun wearing Mr. comfy Beanie, signing some books, and peeking around at booths... in the process, a cool art project approached the Baby Tattoo Books booth from a chap named Linh. Wish I had this Idea! He got some great drawings from Dave Pressler, Greg Simkins, Ragnar, Christopher Lee and many more... hmmm I gotta get better at asking people to sign my sketchbook, so far I've got a Brandi Milne/Bob Dob combo, and a Tim Biskup! not too shabby eh? oh my- I must attack more artists.
Dave Pressler .YES!
Greg Simkins
Chris Lee --- and look! there's the cutie Kristine---
his sweet lady - whom I worked with on The Mighty B! --
Mr. Ragnar - such a doll, I love 'im. I wanted to steal a sketch of his.
And whos this bum...Geee, I'm drawing---Have a good thanksgiving! ---
-love mm

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brandi milne said...

You look soooooo cute!!! I love it!!!