Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Have a great Holiday...

Happy Christmas & Merry Holidays to you all!
Thank you for all of your artistic love & support through the years...
love Miss Mindy & Rick O'Brien

- - - - - - - - - - - -La la la lala! A snow moos-tache man for you....

love- mm

Monday, December 06, 2010

Holiday Party @ our Glendale Studio this Sat.

Join us this Saturday for our...
Annual Holiday Party!
DEC 11th / 5:30 -10pm

604 A South Chevy Chase
Glendale CA 91205

Please come on by to enjoy friends, family,
& Surround yourself in artwork from 3 generations!

-Yummy snacks 'n Christmas drinks will be served,
handmade ornaments & artwork will be for sale...

But most importantly,
It's a party to celebrate the holidays with old and new friends
who've traveled our artistic journey with us!

All ages are welcome - - - We hope to see you Saturday!


Cj, MM, & LJA Design

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

2nd Annual Merry Dr. Sketchy's this Sunday!

Join us for our 2nd annual
Merry Dr. Sketchy's - 'Yule Ball' !!!
(My crazy artist husband Rick O'Brien & I) only host seasonally ( and skipped fall, whoops!) - So these are very special, and Rick and I take sooper care in getting the models and sets ready for you all!

There will be tons of Christmas cheer and Hogwarts Sassafras going around -
So all of you 'life drawing' freaks, please join us!
It's a party too, so bring your artsy fartsy pals....
Click here for Ticketing info & address:

-It may be chilly, but our firepits will be burnin' & hot coco steamin' w/ whiskey.
Please bring a jacket, and a sit-upon if your picky.

if it rains. bring watercolors.
Hope to see you!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Etsy Store UP!

Please stop on by and take a look see...
my new ETSY SHOP is up and runnin'--
Just in time for holiday fun!
New stuff will be posted for the next couple weeks-
from Originals to LE artist proofs & hand Embellished prints!
(I'm trying to squeeze out a few more Kokeshi too!)

Please drop me a line : if you have print requests! Then I can post it up for ya.... - :)mm

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! A drawing for you...

Have a good one fellow bloggers... and be nice to you relatives.
Unless they drive you nuts- - -then just drink heavily to subdue the pain.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This Weekend!

Miss Mindy & Ricky-Dee say:
"Come on out to North East LA this Sunday for the 18th Annual Discovery Tour!"

Our artist family has been on this tour for many years..
The Arroyo Arts collective is the best grass roots arts organization- and the tour always takes you to such cool unusual artist abodes and galleries..
We'll be drawing people, hanging out in the mushroom house- creating things...
come see us!

Advance tickets are available for just $10 online at the web site
or at Galco’s Old World Market at 5702 York Blvd.
But after 10 pm on Saturday, advance ticket sales will close and the on-site price will be $15.
All artists on the tour are listed on the AAC web site, and tourists can plan their stops in advance by checking out the site and making a list of which artists they want to see.
ALSO! I'll be at Designer Con this weekend at 3pm at the Baby Tattoo Booth,
and just hangin' around - possibly live painting--- It's such a great event, stop by on Saturday!
Here's the info:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Break on Through to the Other side!

This is a very special blog post.

I was invited my insanely talented friend & colleague Greg Spalenka,
who is the mastermind behind the' Artist as Brand' revolution,
to give my thoughts on this subject:
-what inspired me to create a career outside the confines of the corporate world?
( a light question.. ha ha ha...)

I've always had an insane passion for doing my personal work.
I started going by my artsy fartsy name "Miss Mindy" about 9 years ago when I started to take my art to conventions & underground shows. I've 'shlept' more artwork, and books to crazy events than I can name. Sweatin' so much, that I had to wear a full on bandanna! -But it was always worth it. The people I've met, are the reason that I can do what I do right now. To learn how to actually talk to my peers & clients, and network in an 'un-shysterly' fashion, is priceless. I just try do what I enjoy, and have found if you put yourself out there..they'll find you, and you them!

As for bustin' out of Corporate. (I too) have found myself in the past getting sucked into the 'paycheck.' Of course! We all need funds--- but found it would take me further and further away from what was special about myself, and my personal style was taking a major toll. So that is what inspired me to take action. To give myself the time of day, and make a name for myself in the art world so I can do my own work until I'm old 'n gray! So yes, a little creative book keeping can keep you on track, and depending on the season, 'freelance' with product companies may still be on the plate, but keeping it on your own terms is the key I've found. Doing it for the 'Company of Me' if you will! I've done everything from toys to t-shirts, but always in my 'Miss Mindy' style, it helps promote my 'pop fine art' career. Our passion for our ideas and different styles is what makes us sought after...'stay gold' fellow artists!

Miss Mindy

Read the other fascinating posts here!
Greg Spalenka/ 'Artist as Brand' founder & organizer of this blog session!
art writer/author Peter Clothier, artist licensing expert Maria Brophy,
Champion of the handmade Nicole at Lillyella, & San Francisco painter Anna L. Conti:

Artist As Brand

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Outlet! - Leanna Lin's Wonderland this weekend & beyond!

Join us in NorthEast LA -this saturday...
HEART ON OUR art 'n' goods by Miss Mindy & CJ Metzger
Nov. 13th 6-10pm
for some food, art & fun at our new outlet for artist sister stuff!
Leanna Lin's Wonderland!
5024 Eagle Rock Blvd.
art show runs till Dec. 29th
Both mine & my sister Cj's product & art goodies will be there for the season-
and beyond!
So check in regularly...for some cool things we don't make too often, like sculpted beads, & one of a kind cool Kokeshi's & LE prints!
Hope to see yoooo!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Last chance to see 'Aardbei Hoofd'!

What a fun show, rock bands that dress up like fruits, vegetables & foul---
and ya only gots until this weekend to 'take in' all the humorous/sullen/silly artwork!
Soooo get out to Bergamont Station this weekend if you opens your eyes to so many different ways of creating-- the galleries are so different, And say hello to my art piece "Aardbei Hoofd" -aka: strawberry head, if you happen to go by The Copro gallery --

click here to see photos: MM FB Album
stay cool kiddos...

Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween/dia de los muertos/and all the souls....

ahhh Toulouse... So Happy I got to see your art this weekend too......
-and such a great outfit, I wish we were friends.

Jorge & his wonderful art--ready to break into tune.....
"must eat my guitar!" - Dolly Pardon

-and the Lovely "bran-slice..."

I hope everyone had a creepy Halloween & froze their rears off gettin' candy!

- San Diego was great-o ! All of the art was so wonderfully done-I wanted all of Sandra's sculptures (see more pics here.) OoooH---& Bran-slice and I had fun dollin' up and painting our selves in honor of our friends & loved ones lost... they definitely came to the show with us!---- all the wonderful souls...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloweeners here!

So Halloweenies- this weekend, some old friends of mine have curated a great show, with amazing artists! nope, I'm not in this one- you guessed it! ha haha... so anywho- I'm chuggin' down to San Diego with my best pal 'Bran Slice'- and dollin' up Day of the Dead style. I'm really looking forward to it- and I hope you can go support 'em at the SUBTEXT Gallery! -
click here for info!

Also- I had to throw in my 'crazy power tool girl face' today. Ricky-dee's been teaching me how to use, pin-ers and brad nail guns- which run by compressed air! hardcore! AIR! rock! - okay, better finish this commission- or I can't go to the show Friday... aaah!
Have a fun weekend, and let me know all about it...all the gory details.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

rainy day schedule...

I just dolled up my studio/dining room - whatever you wanna call it--
we don't 'dine' in there. so yes, studio. heh.

I found a new little vintage stool that I've been keeping my eye out for years!--ahhh at last--the perfect height for my table--I know it seems simple. but I'm sooooper excited to have revamped my whole's ready fro some big projects! cleared los head.
gifts from pals 'n' lil things I like.....I keep them in eye sight to make me happy-Life drawings from different models.... (below, my attempt at a man--wow!)

A painting in progress for Leanna Lin's Wonderland, in Eagle Rock--
Mine & my sisters new outlet in Northeast LA!
Join us for our kick off Nov 13th 6-10pm....
for all sorts of unusual art/products/prints from us chickens !
I hear there will be yummy food trucks there and some free gifties--
I sure hope you'll join us- I'll post more info as it gets closer.

And last but certainly not least...Thought it'd be fun to see a throwback to the 2009 art jam
( I never posted it--whoops!)

Everybody play nice now... BTV Art Jam 2009

Have good rainy day.

Thursday, October 07, 2010


Rick in the midst of his 50 sketches..all from live models we had in our room... whew!
Lil' ol' me and "cooper" my favorite attendee...

A blurry Robert Williams in the Catacombs... bizarro evening ------!

Here's some of my favorites of the 50 that I drew...

and a sketch for one of the folks....

Ricky dee workin' on "Art Jam" #2....

and Ricky Dee and the Rainbows...outside our room--- beautiful!

I've put an album up on my facebook page if you'd like to check out more pictures of the event. -very fun.
Baby Tattooville is always a great time...I get re-inspired, and have had the pleasure of meeting some of my favorite artists---Thanks Bob so much for another awesome weekend!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Riverside... Here I come!

Quick peek pour vous:
The process it takes to get 50 lil arts goin' is crazy..
the sheer amount of prep..... and when you have a week and a half-- I do the hustle!
yes- and 70's dance.. ;)

Ok - what are they for--? why do you do this to yourself? heh-he.
It's for an event called Baby Tattooville.

Bob Self, my publisher & friend- dreamt up this magical event. I was so happy to be one of the featured artists last year. Meeting so many new friends has helped me to come out of my "art shell" ---and be more active in the 'artsy fartsy' world again--Honestly, I was getting kinda tired of it. But there ARE fun people... hurray! and nice! ---thank god. But yeah, sometimes I still don't wanna leave the cave-- heh.

But yesiree Bob ( ha ha) , this weekend, artist Rick O'Brien ( my hubs, and amazing painter & madman!) and I are both involved... madly making artwork for the hardcore art lovers that got tickets--- it feels good. ( especially since it's not so damn hot in my studio tonight!) work work work...

My friend Brandi Milne summed the event up I suggest you visit her blog too for info, and fun pictures from past shows. She's on top of it--- hot damn! I try... ;P

Here's me and my favorite paintbrush.. 'young blood'.

stamped the dyed papers with a gocco custom screen printer-- they rule...

the dying process... coffee AND tea.. smelled horrible actually-- with the heat 'n' all.

Mr Sun sure helped me dry those papers out---I'm surprised they didn't catch on fire!
I'll be sure to post all the juicy details when I get back, I have a feelin' it's gonna be nuts...
Be well folks!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Makiko, the giant Savior...

Thought I'd post one of my paintings from 'Pie in the Sky' for this week...
Shes' about 5 1/2 feet of Japanese pie-lovin animal fun, painted with acrylic & pencil on wood. I'm really looking forward to lining up models....but until then.. I'm sooooper busy focusing on a bunch of 'secret art thingies' I'm doing for this years Baby Tattooville -- sold out! Rick O'Brien, my sweetheart, will be contributing as well this year --- The head-lining artists are pretty amazing-- so If ya got tickets... have fun, and I'll see you there!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hosting Dr Sketchy's LA...

Hey Everybody.. were hosting another Dr. Sketchy's Life Drawing session:
Bob from Baby Tattoo Books is at it again.... Brace yourselves.
Get Tickets and info to about the drawing event HERE

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Good Show--!

The film rolled on through the evening...Me and my lovely Brandy/i's....

My wonderful sister CJ & my big -gigantic hair.

The art show peoples hanging around enjoying themselves in wonderment!...ha hah..

Lil 'Soph' in the film... my little muse.

and 'Bernie' in my hair... we had a ball.
Thank you so much for making this show so successful, full of love and inspiration!
After I get my 'land legs' back-- my new work begins.
I found something during the preparation for this show.. and I'm excited to keep exploring--

until then... Please visit the WWA Gallery this month whilst the show still hangs!
with gratitude,