Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Break on Through to the Other side!

This is a very special blog post.

I was invited my insanely talented friend & colleague Greg Spalenka,
who is the mastermind behind the' Artist as Brand' revolution,
to give my thoughts on this subject:
-what inspired me to create a career outside the confines of the corporate world?
( a light question.. ha ha ha...)

I've always had an insane passion for doing my personal work.
I started going by my artsy fartsy name "Miss Mindy" about 9 years ago when I started to take my art to conventions & underground shows. I've 'shlept' more artwork, and books to crazy events than I can name. Sweatin' so much, that I had to wear a full on bandanna! -But it was always worth it. The people I've met, are the reason that I can do what I do right now. To learn how to actually talk to my peers & clients, and network in an 'un-shysterly' fashion, is priceless. I just try do what I enjoy, and have found if you put yourself out there..they'll find you, and you them!

As for bustin' out of Corporate. (I too) have found myself in the past getting sucked into the 'paycheck.' Of course! We all need funds--- but found it would take me further and further away from what was special about myself, and my personal style was taking a major toll. So that is what inspired me to take action. To give myself the time of day, and make a name for myself in the art world so I can do my own work until I'm old 'n gray! So yes, a little creative book keeping can keep you on track, and depending on the season, 'freelance' with product companies may still be on the plate, but keeping it on your own terms is the key I've found. Doing it for the 'Company of Me' if you will! I've done everything from toys to t-shirts, but always in my 'Miss Mindy' style, it helps promote my 'pop fine art' career. Our passion for our ideas and different styles is what makes us sought after...'stay gold' fellow artists!

Miss Mindy

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Greg Spalenka/ 'Artist as Brand' founder & organizer of this blog session!
art writer/author Peter Clothier, artist licensing expert Maria Brophy,
Champion of the handmade Nicole at Lillyella, & San Francisco painter Anna L. Conti:

Artist As Brand


PeterAtLarge said...

Ah, good. I've been watching for you since this morning, and am happy to find your post. Seems we all have a good deal in common, and I admire the spirit you bring to your life and work. A good reminder for those who get discouraged by our cultural obsessions with money and celebrity! Yes! Persist! Cheers, PC

Greg Spalenka said...

I love that you are a 'Company of Me'!
I also enjoyed the 'pop fine art' career terminology. All the walls are breaking down around what an art career is. There is a freedom we have now that we did not have before, because of tools like the internet. Keep "art rocking" Mindy. You are a shining star!



Maria Brophy said...

Mindy, it's great that you have been able to keep your own Miss Mindy style when creating for clients. Not all artists are able to (or know how to) pull that off.

I'm glad to have gotten to know you through this blogging event!