Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This Weekend!

Miss Mindy & Ricky-Dee say:
"Come on out to North East LA this Sunday for the 18th Annual Discovery Tour!"

Our artist family has been on this tour for many years..
The Arroyo Arts collective is the best grass roots arts organization- and the tour always takes you to such cool unusual artist abodes and galleries..
We'll be drawing people, hanging out in the mushroom house- creating things...
come see us!

Advance tickets are available for just $10 online at the web site
or at Galco’s Old World Market at 5702 York Blvd.
But after 10 pm on Saturday, advance ticket sales will close and the on-site price will be $15.
All artists on the tour are listed on the AAC web site, and tourists can plan their stops in advance by checking out the site and making a list of which artists they want to see.
ALSO! I'll be at Designer Con this weekend at 3pm at the Baby Tattoo Booth,
and just hangin' around - possibly live painting--- It's such a great event, stop by on Saturday!
Here's the info:

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