Wednesday, December 01, 2010

2nd Annual Merry Dr. Sketchy's this Sunday!

Join us for our 2nd annual
Merry Dr. Sketchy's - 'Yule Ball' !!!
(My crazy artist husband Rick O'Brien & I) only host seasonally ( and skipped fall, whoops!) - So these are very special, and Rick and I take sooper care in getting the models and sets ready for you all!

There will be tons of Christmas cheer and Hogwarts Sassafras going around -
So all of you 'life drawing' freaks, please join us!
It's a party too, so bring your artsy fartsy pals....
Click here for Ticketing info & address:

-It may be chilly, but our firepits will be burnin' & hot coco steamin' w/ whiskey.
Please bring a jacket, and a sit-upon if your picky.

if it rains. bring watercolors.
Hope to see you!

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