Sunday, September 12, 2010

Good Show--!

The film rolled on through the evening...Me and my lovely Brandy/i's....

My wonderful sister CJ & my big -gigantic hair.

The art show peoples hanging around enjoying themselves in wonderment!...ha hah..

Lil 'Soph' in the film... my little muse.

and 'Bernie' in my hair... we had a ball.
Thank you so much for making this show so successful, full of love and inspiration!
After I get my 'land legs' back-- my new work begins.
I found something during the preparation for this show.. and I'm excited to keep exploring--

until then... Please visit the WWA Gallery this month whilst the show still hangs!
with gratitude,

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The Stapelia Company said...

First, let me say I love your work.. and your bird hair. The mixture of dark fun and that B&W film just makes me wish I could have seen it. Thanks for sharing the pics! :)