Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Riverside... Here I come!

Quick peek pour vous:
The process it takes to get 50 lil arts goin' is crazy..
the sheer amount of prep..... and when you have a week and a half-- I do the hustle!
yes- and 70's dance.. ;)

Ok - what are they for--? why do you do this to yourself? heh-he.
It's for an event called Baby Tattooville.

Bob Self, my publisher & friend- dreamt up this magical event. I was so happy to be one of the featured artists last year. Meeting so many new friends has helped me to come out of my "art shell" ---and be more active in the 'artsy fartsy' world again--Honestly, I was getting kinda tired of it. But there ARE fun people... hurray! and nice! ---thank god. But yeah, sometimes I still don't wanna leave the cave-- heh.

But yesiree Bob ( ha ha) , this weekend, artist Rick O'Brien ( my hubs, and amazing painter & madman!) and I are both involved... madly making artwork for the hardcore art lovers that got tickets--- it feels good. ( especially since it's not so damn hot in my studio tonight!) work work work...

My friend Brandi Milne summed the event up I suggest you visit her blog too for info, and fun pictures from past shows. She's on top of it--- hot damn! I try... ;P

Here's me and my favorite paintbrush.. 'young blood'.

stamped the dyed papers with a gocco custom screen printer-- they rule...

the dying process... coffee AND tea.. smelled horrible actually-- with the heat 'n' all.

Mr Sun sure helped me dry those papers out---I'm surprised they didn't catch on fire!
I'll be sure to post all the juicy details when I get back, I have a feelin' it's gonna be nuts...
Be well folks!

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brandi milne said...

You are so silly and sweet my dear! Love to both you and Rick - so much fun at BTV, let's get together soon!! Tell Rick to get on that spaghetti!