Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloweeners here!

So Halloweenies- this weekend, some old friends of mine have curated a great show, with amazing artists! nope, I'm not in this one- you guessed it! ha haha... so anywho- I'm chuggin' down to San Diego with my best pal 'Bran Slice'- and dollin' up Day of the Dead style. I'm really looking forward to it- and I hope you can go support 'em at the SUBTEXT Gallery! -
click here for info!

Also- I had to throw in my 'crazy power tool girl face' today. Ricky-dee's been teaching me how to use, pin-ers and brad nail guns- which run by compressed air! hardcore! AIR! rock! - okay, better finish this commission- or I can't go to the show Friday... aaah!
Have a fun weekend, and let me know all about it...all the gory details.


TonyC. said...

sheez gotta gun!

*daisy said...

oooh!!! hardcore power tools! awesome! : D