Wednesday, October 20, 2010

rainy day schedule...

I just dolled up my studio/dining room - whatever you wanna call it--
we don't 'dine' in there. so yes, studio. heh.

I found a new little vintage stool that I've been keeping my eye out for years!--ahhh at last--the perfect height for my table--I know it seems simple. but I'm sooooper excited to have revamped my whole's ready fro some big projects! cleared los head.
gifts from pals 'n' lil things I like.....I keep them in eye sight to make me happy-Life drawings from different models.... (below, my attempt at a man--wow!)

A painting in progress for Leanna Lin's Wonderland, in Eagle Rock--
Mine & my sisters new outlet in Northeast LA!
Join us for our kick off Nov 13th 6-10pm....
for all sorts of unusual art/products/prints from us chickens !
I hear there will be yummy food trucks there and some free gifties--
I sure hope you'll join us- I'll post more info as it gets closer.

And last but certainly not least...Thought it'd be fun to see a throwback to the 2009 art jam
( I never posted it--whoops!)

Everybody play nice now... BTV Art Jam 2009

Have good rainy day.


Lady Garland said...

Your artwork is always so inspiring, darling! Keep it up! XD

potato farm girl said...

A wonderful studio to make wonderful winged wimmens!