Monday, December 18, 2006

"Have a Good one!"

Chuck a huge snowball at you cuz, and eat lotz o' cheese 'n' nuts.....the big fat man is comin' to town! I hope you all wrote yer letters and have been very good girls and boys - because Santa can see when you're lookin' at dirty stuff on the internet! Thank you U tube! - now I won't be getting my new saw blades for Christmas.... These ornaments are for all you bloggin' fools - who stop by from time to time... click on it and i think they'll be big enough for a nice charlie brown tree.
Happy Holidays (all 5,000 of 'em)


Anonymous said...

YES! I am printing those out tonight!! Happy Elf day!!!

Gnarfdeath said...

'dem ornimaments are purrty!!