Saturday, July 01, 2006

"Darth Me"

Ok - Now this is as nerdy as I can get... Let me explain - My mom's friend, who she knows through a community groups son was throwing a Star Wars wedding... so of course -
I had to go as Darth Vader... I have the build, the mannerisms... the bad acting - It was a good time. So in honor of the great Comic-Con coming up, I thought this would be great time join my fellow nerds - and plaster this on my blog.... I'll post my booth number and alla that info next week! -mm


Josh Parpan said...

I was listening to the Labyrinth soundtrack today.. I too have my occasional spouts of nerdness.
oh, and the paintingI above is super fantastic, Nice work!

Chris Battle said...

Maybe I need to post those pictures from when we all wnet to the Star Wars exhibit at FIDM!

We were watching TOTORO last nite; Had to tell Eiko about your cat bus imitation :)