Friday, July 07, 2006

"Open Studio Tour"

This Sunday, my Mom, Sister CJ, Ricky dee & me will be apart of the open studio tour in Glendale... so we all hope to see you! - We will have our crazy 'ol studio open for all the people to come and peep at us and see how messy we are! (actually we clean up quite nicely when we have enough coffee...)

To view formatted version of this announcement online & for maps of the tour, please visit:


burgerlog said...

i just read your comment. I am glad you got the turnip girlfriend! I always like to know who they go to. thanks!! you have some really great stuff here!

Chris Battle said...

Dang. You need to let people know about this stuff further in advance..! It's Monday morning and I'm just now reading about this?


Miss Mindy said...

Yeah... Sorry man! - My sis told me last minute that I was in it!-
There will be many more shows to come and drink beer - I'll post e'm sooner...