Tuesday, May 16, 2006

'Wooden Birthday Family'

Yay! It's me berfday... and I got an awesome little wooden family in the mail from my great friend Courtney, Thanks soooo much! I know yer in Europe, so I hope you are having a wonderful time! Have a nice day everybody - go ahead, smile at a stranger... I always manage to freak people out in LA by doing that. It's great. -mm


kittens with chainsaws said...

HAPPY HAPPY birthday to you!! See ya tonight with bells on our nipples for cake and I SCREAM!! ;p

kisses, bran

Miss Mindy said...

Good Gracious you hot thingie!
Lemon Cake is the best.... hmmm???
Thank you so much for making my b-day AMAZING!!! ps I'm gonna have to paint or draw ya as a kitten, w/ a chainsaw....
xoxo min

Chris Battle said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!! I owe ya a cupcake, lil' pal!

Courtney said...

happy birthday, from berlin!!! glad the wooden family made it to you safe and sound!
i miss you lots and lots, and can't wait to see you and rick when we get back!!

potato farm girl said...

Happee bee-lated beeday!!

damon said...

happy birthday sweetie

hope you are well