Friday, June 15, 2007

"Glendale Open Studio TOUR"

OK, I know there art shows coming out of everybody's ears... but WE'll have booze and women! - he he he... Yup, us gals are opening our Glendale studio to artisans and crafty ladies who make COOL stuff... we will also have new prints, product and fine art for sale before mine and sissy's jaunt down to comic-con next month.
When is this thing? - Sunday, July 8th, noon - 6pm see above cards for location!
Thanks again everyone, so much, for supporting the arts..... ( you can throw up now)


Cate said...

This looks so cool! I wish it were closer (you know, not halfway across the country) so I could see your stuff in person.

RedDiabla said...

Booze AND women?! A combo that can't be beat! I wanna go!

potato farm girl said...

I love the girl on top! She is so pretty, looking at your little people makes me happy! I'm going to try to visit the studio, I'm in need of Mindy laughter.