Wednesday, August 07, 2013

One of a Kind, WonderLand Chess Set....

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Thank to all who came by The D23 Expo 2013 at the Anaheim convention center
( Aug 9-11th) .. his big beauty was on display in the Disney Dream Store!

Here's a link to ...The Making of a Wonderland Chess Set - Film
If you didn't get to see it in person!

Ahhhhhh...  at last - A full picture of this beast, and a teenie peek into the making of it as well! It would take a whole website and  feature film to show you the in's and out's of it's process, and what went into this insane piece of hand-crafted artful engineering. seriously..
"The Wonderland Chess Set is an immaculate One of a Kind piece, painted in my unique style, and inspired by Lewis Carolls Wonderland stories and the 1951 Disney animated feature Alice in Wonderland..,With it's mix of  32 customized 3"and Jr. Vinylmation figures, all hand-embellished, sculpted & painted, it's an insane detail feast for your eyes!

The awesome Chess Board is a hand-crafted by Ahab's Shipyard.. He's created a multi-media playground which fuses poplar, pine and bass woods with resin, stone and synthetic turf. Who wants to do yard work anyway, right?! If you look closely, you'll spy a tiny little sculpted Alice watching the game on the side lines, amongst the various flora, fauna, felines, and  crafted elements framing the playing field of these mini marvels... enjoy your trip to Wonderland! - -We've been there.... and back again, and find our reality boarders between the two...hence why our neighbors think we're weird.. "

- MM and Ahab
23 1/2 "x 23 1/2 " x 7 1/2 " tall

12,500 / SOLD


~ Images Copyright Disney

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Heather Sybil Chavez said...

this is so amazing, Congrats Mindy!!!!