Friday, February 01, 2013

Out of the Winter Cave!

So, Yeah... I had to go a bit underground for awhile!
What? January? what January... ;)

But hey Kiddo's!
Miss Mindy's back on her Art Makin' Wagon with a brand new video of some of my recent creations, Enjoy the process... n' toodley 'ol music....Click Pic!

currently on Display at :
Disneyland's / WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney® District - AnaheimHD Vimeo
You Tube
current show:
I've been getting so many questions about how they are made,
and the crazy meticulous process it is...
Hopefully this video will give you a little window into how I create these 16" ladies! _
 I also have tons of process pictures in my past entries / In this blog / of how I make my Minnies,
and customize vinyl...I go into detail, and hope that it helps you with your creations!
So Peek around at my past...

Extra Fun:
Thinking Of Summer...Hula Time Tattoo!
 I don't post commissions all the time, but this one was so much fun - and reminded me of the days I wanted to be a tattoo artist. I also worked with Hard Rock cafĂ© designing waitress, and hard-core rock pins for awhile-- so chances are- if you have a collectible pin from like, 10 years ago- It may be mine! Muwahaha! - I'm everywhere. kind of.

Little 'Doodle' fun:
Well, I got carried away... ;) I was asked by a fellow vinyl artist Evilos to contribute to a very fun doodle series for his vinylmation blind bags.... and here they are! I don't do these that often, and wanted to show some love to the vinyl community for all the support they've given me over the last year.. Thanks guys! - enjoy your finds... all these guys are gone already- sorry!

Lil' "Spook": 
A fun little commission  I recently created - Enjoy your latest Vinyl Don!

Here's to a positive, productive, yet chill n' healthy,
Happy New Year to you all!
(even though it's Feb. -  lil' late...)
I wish you good time with family and friends, taking time out for pancakes on Sundays, unplugged camping trips , and long drives to no where - in a good way....
Keep Integrity alive, challenge the norm, and have fun in your own skin and self!

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