Monday, March 26, 2007

'Secret Lives of Dolls' Reception!

BIG 'ol Honkin' Post! Here's some photo's from the show reception on Saturday. . . Thank you SO much to Everyone who came out and supported us lil' Artist Sisters. The show is doing great - and arts flyin' of the walls! Our new Books are out, & are sittin' pretty in special limited edition wood boxes for the show. . . If you didn't get to come to the show, It will be up until May. I have also posted a video clip below (it's my first time posting clips, so bear w/ me!) for those that missed the reception..... so hold a glass of vino - eat some warm cheese, and pretend we are all trying to figure out what the hell my sis and I were trying to portray.. (In very large words of course!) he he he....
Neat Press. . . .Vinyl Pulse gave us a HUGE shout out w/ some nice things to say about our toy lines coming out this summer... thanks guys!
Again, my deepest thanks to all our supportees! :)-mm